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Thread: Report: Iran stole Marine One specs

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    Default Report: Iran stole Marine One specs

    Report: Iran Stole Marine One Specs

    Sensitive Details On Presidential Helicopter Taken Through Computer Security Breach

    (CNET) An Internet security company claims that Iran has taken advantage of a computer security breach to obtain engineering and communications information about Marine One, President Barack Obama's helicopter, according to a report by WPXI, NBC's affiliate in Pittsburgh.

    Tiversa, headquartered in Cranberry Township, Pa., reportedly discovered a security breach that led to the transfer of military information to an Iranian IP address, according to WPXI. The information is said to include planned engineering upgrades, avionic schematics, and computer network information.

    The channel quoted the company's CEO, Bob Boback, who said Tiversa found a file containing the entire blueprints and avionics package for Marine One.

    "What appears to be a defense contractor in Bethesda, Md., had a file-sharing program on one of their systems that also contained highly sensitive blueprints for Marine One," Boback told WPXI.

    Tiversa makes products that monitor the sharing of files online. A spokesman for the company was not immediately available for comment.

    Boback believes that the files probably were transferred through a peer-to-peer file-sharing network such as LimeWire or Bear Share, and then compromised.

    Peer-to-peer file sharing (often called P2P) is a popular way for people to swap digital files on their hard drives over the Internet. LimeWire and Bear Share are only a few of several services that operate on P2P networks. After connecting, users can scour the Internet and download copies of files they want from other users on the network.

    Report: Iran Stole Marine One Specs - CBS News
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    rofl, how dumb can you be.
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    A firm with access to that kind of information would have to have top-secret SCIF status. File-sharing software has been known for years to allow back-door access to files on people's drives and networks. Whoever was running that software could actually be prosecuted if they figure out who it was.

    Also, the company's firewall should have had standard rules set up to block known ports for file-sharing software. If they don't lose their SCIF status, I'll be amazed.

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