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Thread: RNC Finance Director (and Palin PAC Treasurer) forced to quit

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    Default RNC Finance Director (and Palin PAC Treasurer) forced to quit

    Top RNC staffer forced to quit

    The finance director for the Republican National Committee resigned abruptly Friday afternoon, and a source familar with the situation said he was forced out.

    Reince Priebus, who’s running the transition team for new RNC Chairman Michael Steele, confirmed that Tim Crawford resigned Friday after just two weeks as the committee’s interim finance director.

    Priebus declined to discuss the circumstances of Crawford’s departure, saying only that the committee is working to find a replacement for him.

    But a source familiar with the situation said Crawford was given a choice — resign or be fired.

    Crawford, who is also the treasurer for a PAC started by Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, did not respond to a call requesting comment.
    Top RNC staffer forced to quit - Alex Isenstadt -

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