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Thread: Now, I don't like to dwell on the past BUT...

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    Red face Now, I don't like to dwell on the past BUT...

    Yes this is an old post from late October, but looking back in hindsight makes me feel so good that Barack Obama won the election.


    Little Green Footballs - Video: Tito the Builder Intimidates Alan Colmes

    Note: The comment that makes the most sense is rated with -23 thumb downs

    I'll admit, I didn't watch the video.
    But, there is a "Tito The Builder"? "Joe The Plumber" (who accidentally became a celebrity) made sense, but now "Tito".

    This is getting a bit ridiculous isn't it?

    (I know how these things go so...the ding down is in red, upper right corner)

    And this is a response he got

    Yeah- pretty ridiculous when a regular American gets to voice their opinion.

    Too bad Joe or Tito isn't in my district - I'd vote for either to represent me.

    LMAO! Tell it Tito- we're NOT stupid!
    /We've got the declining msm revenues to prove it.

    I think it's finally becoming clear who really makes up "the Right" in this country these days and it's guys like Joe an Tito ald women like Sarah who love their country and want the opportunity to be successful - not a handout. They care about the future for the sake of their children.

    Alan shrinks before the common man. Joe spanked him also.

    I love this guy- he's the real deal, the antithesis of the typical latte-sipping "radical chic" metrosexual nouveau socialist BO supporter.
    Tito is a real American! Unfortunately, 3,000 us latte sipping New York Times reading fake Americans got fucking killed in September 11th, 2001. Although this is awfully convenient when you need to propogate our tragedy of course.

    Tito for HUD secretary

    You couldn't imagine the thrill I had the other day when my little guy blurted out the words Joe the Plumber. A sharp little 4-year-old.
    Now I'll have to get him into Tito the Builder as well.

    Great job. Actually quite eloquent.
    I really hope he helps to lure some Hispanics back to McCain.
    I had though that, since McCain is very soft on immigration, he was going to get a lot of the Hispanic vote. But no (if you can believe the polls), for some reason Obama is apparently waaaaaayyyy ahead amongst Hispanics. Why?

    I have a friend whose parents came to the US in the late 60s/early 70s and have done very well for themselves. He told me last night that his parents said if Obama wins, they are going back to the Philippines for four years.
    I have yet to hear one person who has come to the USA from another country that has not said that America is the greatest country on earth. Every single person that I have heard on TV, read about or spoken to who has immigrated to the US loves this country for what it stands for and the opportunity it offers to everyone. And they all support the Republican viewpoint.

    That was great! Somehow I must have missed that segment last night. Tito really took it to Skelator, his part about the crumbs at the end is so right on. Wonder what Tito would have said if asked about O's elitist "clinging to their guns and religion" comment.

    Republicans have within arms reach the ability with this election to be recognized as the party of the workingman & woman.

    I've always found the Democrat cliche of only the rich being Republican as one that really needs to go away.

    I've been conservative Republican my whole voting life (and a few years before). Almost all of my friends are the same. We have never been confused with the rich almost all of us being blue collar or military enlisted. Kind of hard to be confused with the rich folks when you are driving a 1999 Ford Escort. Blue collar types have always been welcomed into the Republican party except with certain elitist types at the high social rungs-but the Democrats have them also. Anyone think Gore, Kennedys, Pelosi, Soros, Gates, Obama would ever have any carpenters or enlisted soldiers over for some beers to watch a ball game? Who gives a flying fuck you retard?

    I have a theory that a certain portion of the Latino community has chosen to identify with African Americans, specifically, with ghetto/gang/hip-hop/street culture. (That's not a put down, just a description.) They've bought into collectivism and group identity. Most Latinos come here ready to work and achieve the American Dream, and many of them proceed to do just that. Others, however, adopt the victim mentality pressed on them by La Raza and MeCHA. There's a certain appeal in swaggering around in baggy pants and gang colors while Uncle Sugar supports your girlfriends and their babies. Educational attainment among second- and third-generation Latinos is actually lower than that of new immigrants, while the illegitimacy rates is now second only to African-Americans.

    Obama is a snob. He can't even take care of his own family. He's supposed to take care of all of his half brothers and sisters all over Africa? Wait, isn't that socialism? But he looks down his nose at the rest of us for wanting to take care of ours. What? Screw him.

    Tito The Builder and Joe The Plumber must run for presidency. Seriously.

    She's obviously Caribbean from her accent. Jamaican maybe. Many Caribbean blacks are very conservative since when fucking when? and don't buy into the victim mentality. of course if you're not conservative you're a victim...

    She seems just as fiesty as Tito.
    Love it when Tito says,
    "No no no not liberal! Socialist! Socialist!"
    Tito es el hombre grande.

    That was fantastic. Thank you for posting this. Tito is a very cool guy. In broken English, he makes more sense than anyone else that I have heard in explaining how the Democrats toss crumbs to people. This should be aired by McCain since this dude has it all down when it comes to what freedom is and the beauty of this country. These are the type of people that came here to build this nation and fall in love with freedom. God bless you, Tito.
    Really awesome.

    Damn, I just love this guy! Thanks for posting it, some of us don't have cable.

    Accent or no, I love his message. He sounds like about 80 percent of the men in my 'hood, all macho types, blue collar jobs, they love their Harleys, their low riders and their beer. I get along fine with every one of them, and the are the type of MEN that I want on MY side, not these limp wristed metro sexual types typical of Obama supporters.
    BTW, I dig Salsa music too.

    Bwahahaha! I loved this when I saw it yesterday, but I couldn't quite soak it all in because I was pre-occupied with something else. Now that I watch it again, it is much more enjoyable without any distractions. Tito is incredibly sharp, direct and astute, having a quick comeback for anything Comes said You say sharp comeback, I say gibberish talking points drilled into his head. (who reported ayers? who? Fox News, the only one - that shut colmes up). I also like him because though he may not talk like an aristocrat (heavy ethnic accent, blue collar tone), he is not any less enlightened than those in the "ruling class". This is exactly the kind of guy I like, the kind of conservative I relate to and Tito and Joe the Plumber are exactly what Sarah Palin is and eventually will reprsent when she's unleashed on her own. These are the people who the condescending elites like David Brooks David Frum and Peggy Noonan look down upon and the type of person liberal republicans such as Colin Powell and Scott Mclellan can not stomach. But conservative Democrats, Libertarians and social conservatives love them...the majority of this center right nation.

    and I love his colombian gangster look, lol. Not to stereotype him or anything. He said he had an eye infection or something, hence the shades, I say he make that part of his image whenever he goes on TV.

    I don't watch that show very often, but I happened to catch it just as the guy was introduced....Classic!...he scared the creature of the black lagoon!...LMAO! Ignorance often scare liberals and rational thinking people, this is true.

    Haha! THat guy is fucking great
    Takes big balls to go against the grain of your community. Just like the tiny, tiny percentage of blacks that are McCain supporters.

    This guy should rally in New Mexico, teach some of his latino brothers (thing or two about thinking independently.'re right. How dare average blue-collar American's open their mouths and say something. Somebody better tell them to shut up huh. We don't need to listen to these guys, after all we have such enlightened people as Nancy the Rep, Harry the Senator, Colin the turncoat, John the laywer et. al to listen to. As opposed to McCain the Senator, Palin the Governor, etc.? You're just naming the government officials in the other party dummy. I just hope Tito doesn't have any skeletons in his closet or we're going to see him destroyed ...naw on second thought.....I guess they wouldn't bother. The thing that pissed the left off is that Joe the Plumber accidentally exposed Obama's real agenda... The only thing he exposed his his ignorance on economics. therefore, he needed to be destroyed at all costs, an example so to speak.

    Obama's going down big time and I'm going to be laughing my ass off and open a 25 year old bottle of Scotch to celebrate come Nov. 5th.

    I hope that shit was good.

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