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Thread: GOP Problem Solver: Tax cuts can cure ANYTHING! Even Sarah Palin!

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    Wink GOP Problem Solver: Tax cuts can cure ANYTHING! Even Sarah Palin!

    GOP Solves: Excess Pizza
    By Nancy Scola, 02/17/2009 - 3:39pm

    Enough people had fun with the GOP Problem Solver last week -- the micro-site, inspired by a Jay Rosen tweet, that prescribe a tax cut as the solution for all of life's woes -- that the site was briefly down. I, for one, didn't know my test answers would be made public. But, no matter. We now have a reading of the zeitgeist when it comes to the troubles that people are looking for Republican-flavored help on. A sampling of responses to the question, "What is the biggest problem in your life?":
    • Too much outgo, not enough income
    • squirrels ate my furnace
    • I have an exam in Repro tomrrow and I haven't read the material
    • My wife hates me
    • The existential reft between free agency and my duty to the herd
    • I can't figure out what to call my novel
    • I have permanent clown makeup on my face
    • Tim Magaw
    • punky brewster
    • this is stupid but depressingly accurate
    • wibble wibble woo toasty monkey index
    • Excess pizza
    Ain't no such thing. Full list is here.

    techPresident – GOP Solves: Excess Pizza

    What is the biggest problem in your life?

    Sarah Palin


    The solution to your problem is a $88,955 tax cut.

    Sarah Palin | GOP Problem Solver

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    If only a tax cut could get rid of Palin.

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