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Thread: A retrospective of the [George W.] Bush era

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    Default A retrospective of the [George W.] Bush era

    Harper’s Index

    Number of news stories from 1998 to Election Day 2000 containing “George W. Bush” and “aura of inevitability”: 206

    Amount for which Bush successfully sued Enterprise Rent-A-Car in 1999: $2,500

    Year in which a political candidate first sued Palm Beach County over problems with hanging chads: 1984

    Total amount the Bush campaign paid Enron and Halliburton for use of corporate jets during the 2000 recount: $15,400

    Percentage of Bush’s first 189 appointees who also served in his father’s administration: 42

    Minimum number of Bush appointees who have regulated industries they used to represent as lobbyists: 98

    Years before becoming energy secretary that Spencer Abraham cosponsored a bill to abolish the Department of Energy: 2

    Number of Chevron oil tankers named after Condoleezza Rice, at the time she became foreign policy adviser: 1

    Date on which the GAO sued Dick Cheney to force the release of documents related to current U.S. energy policy: 2/22/02

    Number of other officials the GAO has sued over access to federal records: 0

    Months before September 11, 2001, that Cheney’s Energy Task Force investigated Iraq’s oil resources: 6

    Hours after the 9/11 attacks that an Alaska congressman speculated they may have been committed by “eco-terrorists”: 9

    Date on which the first contract for a book about September 11 was signed: 9/13/01

    Number of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and North African men detained in the U.S. in the eight weeks after 9/11: 1,182

    Number of them ever charged with a terrorism-related crime: 0

    Number charged with an immigration violation: 762

    Days since the federal government first placed the nation under an “elevated terror alert” that the level has been relaxed: 0

    Minimum number of calls the FBI received in fall 2001 from Utah residents claiming to have seen Osama bin Laden: 20

    Number of box cutters taken from U.S. airline passengers since January 2002: 105,075

    Percentage of Americans in 2006 who believed that U.S. Muslims should have to carry special I.D.: 39

    Chances an American in 2002 believed the government should regulate comedy routines that make light of terrorism: 2 in 5

    Rank of Mom, Dad, and Rudolph Giuliani among those whom 2002 college graduates said they most wished to emulate: 1, 2, 3

    Number of members of the rock band Anthrax who said they hoarded Cipro so as to avoid an “ironic death”: 1

    Estimated total calories members of Congress burned giving Bush’s 2002 State of the Union standing ovations: 22,000

    Percentage of the amendments in the Bill of Rights that are violated by the USA PATRIOT Act, according to the ACLU: 50

    Minimum number of laws that Bush signing statements have exempted his administration from following: 1,069

    Estimated number of U.S. intelligence reports on Iraq that were based on information from a single defector: 100

    Number of times the defector had ever been interviewed by U.S. intelligence agents: 0

    Date on which Bush said of Osama bin Laden, “I truly am not that concerned about him”: 3/13/02

    Days after the U.S. invaded Iraq that Sony trademarked “Shock & Awe” for video games: 1

    Days later that the company gave up the trademark, citing “regrettable bad judgment”: 25

    Number of books by Henry Kissinger found in Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz’s mansion: 2

    Number by then–New York Times reporter Judith Miller: 1

    Factor by which an Iraqi in 2006 was more likely to die than in the last year of the Saddam regime: 3.6

    Factor by which the cause of death was more likely to be violence: 120

    Chance that an Iraqi has fled his or her home since the beginning of the war: 1 in 6

    Portion of Baghdad residents in 2007 who had a family member or friend wounded or killed since 2003: 3/4

    Percentage of U.S. veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who have filed for disability with the VA: 35

    Chance that an Iraq war veteran who has served two or more tours now has post-traumatic stress disorder: 1 in 4

    Number of all U.S. war veterans who have been denied Veterans Administration health care since 2003: 452,677

    Number of eligibility restrictions for admission into the Army that have been loosened since 2003: 9

    Percentage change from 2004 to 2007 in the number of Army recruits admitted despite having been charged with a felony: +295

    Date on which the White House announced it had stopped looking for WMDs in Iraq: 1/12/05

    Years since his acquittal that O. J. Simpson has said he is still looking for his wife’s “real killers”: 13

    Minimum number of close-up photographs of Bush’s hands owned by his current chief of staff, Josh Bolten: 4

    Number of vehicles in the motorcade that transports Bush to his regular bike ride in Maryland: 6

    Estimated total miles he has ridden his bike as president: 5,400

    Portion of his presidency he has spent at or en route to vacation spots: 1/3

    Minimum number of times that Frederick Douglass was beaten in what is now Donald Rumsfeld’s vacation home: 25

    Estimated number of juveniles whom the United States has detained as enemy combatants since 2002: 2,500

    Minimum number of detainees who were tortured to death in U.S. custody: 8

    Minimum number of extraordinary renditions that the United States has made since 2006: 200

    Date on which USA Today added Guantánamo to its weather map: 1/3/05

    Number of incidents of torture on prime-time network TV shows from 2002 to 2007: 897

    Number on shows during the previous seven years: 110

    Percentage change since 2000 in U.S. emigration to Canada: +79

    Number of the thirty-eight Iraq war veterans who have run for Congress who were Democrats: 21

    Percentage of Republicans in 2005 who said they would vote for Bush over George Washington: 62

    Seconds it took a Maryland consultant in 2004 to pick a Diebold voting machine’s lock and remove its memory card: 10

    Number of states John Kerry would have won in 2004 if votes by poor Americans were the only ones counted: 40

    Number if votes by rich Americans were the only ones counted: 4

    Portion of all U.S. income gains during the Bush Administration that have gone to the top 1 percent of earners: 3/4

    Increase since 2000 in the number of Americans living at less than half the federal poverty level: 3,500,000

    Percentage change since 2001 in the average amount U.S. workers spend on out-of-pocket medical expenses: +172

    Estimated percentage by which Social Security benefits would have declined if Bush’s privatization plan had passed: –15

    Percentage change since 2002 in the number of U.S. teens using illegal drugs: –9

    Percentage change in the number of adults in their fifties doing so: +121

    Number of times FDA officials met with consumer and patient groups as they revised drug-review policy in 2006: 5

    Number of times they met with industry representatives: 113

    Amount the Justice Department spent in 2001 installing curtains to cover two seminude statues of Justice: $8,650

    Number of Republican officials who have been investigated by the Justice Department since 2001: 196

    Number of Democratic officials who have been: 890

    Number of White House officials in 2006 and 2007 authorized to discuss pending criminal cases with the DOJ: 711

    Number of Clinton officials ever authorized to do so: 4

    Years since a White House official as senior as I. Lewis Libby had been indicted while in office: 130

    Number of U.S. cities and towns that have passed resolutions calling for the impeachment of President Bush: 92

    Percentage change since 2001 in U.S. government spending on paper shredding: +466

    Percentage of EPA scientists who say they have experienced political interference with their work since 2002: 60

    Change since 2001 in the percentage of Americans who believe humans are causing climate change: –4

    Number of total additions made to the U.S. endangered-species list under Bush: 61

    Average number made yearly under Clinton: 65

    Minimum number of pheasant hunts Dick Cheney has gone on since he shot a hunting companion in 2006: 5

    Days after Hurricane Katrina hit that Cheney’s office ordered an electric company to restore power to two oil pipelines: 1

    Days after the hurricane that the White House authorized sending federal troops into New Orleans: 4

    Portion of the $3.3 billion in federal Hurricane Katrina relief spent by Mississippi that has benefited poor residents: 1/4

    Percentage change in the number of Louisiana and Mississippi newborns named Katrina in the year after the storm: +153

    Rank of Nevaeh, “heaven” spelled backward, among the fastest growing names given to American newborns since 2000: 1

    Months, beginning in 2001, that the federal government’s online condom fact sheet disappeared from its website : 17

    Minimum amount that religious groups received in congressional earmarks from 2003 to 2006: $209,000,000

    Amount such groups received during the previous fourteen years: $107,000,000

    Percentage change from 2003 to 2007 in the amount of money invested in U.S. faith-based mutual funds: +88

    Average annualized percentage return during that time in the Christian and Muslim funds, respectively: +11, +15

    Number of feet the Ground Zero pit has been built up since the site was fully cleared in 2002: 30

    Number of 980-foot-plus “Super Tall” towers built in the Arab world in the seven years since 9/11: 4

    Year by which the third and final phase of the 2003 “road map” to a Palestinian state was to have been reached: 2005

    Estimated number of the twenty-five provisions of the first phase that have yet to be completed: 12

    Number of times in 2007 that U.S. media called General David Petraeus “King David”: 14

    Percentage change during the first ten months of the Iraq war “surge” in the number of Iraqis detained in U.S.-run prisons: +63

    Percentage change in the number of Iraqis aged nine to seventeen detained: +285

    Ratio of the entire U.S. federal budget in 1957, adjusted for inflation, to the amount spent so far on the Iraq war: 1:1

    Estimated amount Bush-era policies will cost the U.S. in new debt and accrued obligations: $10,350,000,000,000 (see page 31)

    Percentage change in U.S. discretionary spending during Bush’s presidency: +31

    Percentage change during Reagan’s and Clinton’s, respectively: +16, +0.3

    Ratio in 1999 of the number of U.S. federal employees to the number of private employees on government contracts: 15:6

    Ratio in 2006: 14:15

    Total value of U.S. government contracts in 2000 that were awarded without competitive bidding: $73,000,000,000

    Total in 2007: $146,000,000,000

    Number of the five directors of the No Child Left Behind reading program with financial ties to a curriculum they developed: 4

    Amount by which the federal government has underfunded its estimated cost to implement NCLB: $71,000,000,000

    Minimum number of copies sold, since it was released in 2006, of Flipping Houses for Dummies: 45,000

    Chance that the buyer of a U.S. home in 2006 now has “negative equity,” i.e., the debt on the home exceeds its value: 1 in 5

    Estimated value of Henry Paulson’s Goldman Sachs stock when he became Treasury Secretary and sold it: $575,000,000

    Estimated value of that stock today: $238,000,000

    Salary in 2006 of the White House’s newly created Director for Lessons Learned: $106,641

    Minimum number of Bush-related books published since 2001: 606

    Number of words in the first sentence of Bill Clinton’s memoir and in that of George W. Bush’s, respectively: 49, 5

    Minimum number of nicknames Bush has given to associates during his presidency: 75

    Number of associates with the last name Jackson he has dubbed “Action Jackson”: 2

    Number of press conferences at which Bush has referred to a question as a “trick”: 14

    Number of times he has declared an event or outcome not to be “acceptable”: 149

    Rank of Bush among U.S. presidents with the highest disapproval rating: 1

    Average percentage of Americans who approved of the job Bush was doing during his second term: 37

    Percentage of Russians today who approve of the direction their country took under Stalin: 37

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    Cliffs Notes:

    Life ain't nothin' but bitches and money.

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    Number of IQ points lost by the average American between 2000 and 2008: Too many to count...

    7 more days!

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    Here's an interesting graphic about the Bush years from The Atlantic (article here):

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    Epic retardism. That's my two word summary of this farce of an administration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffy View Post
    Here's an interesting graphic about the Bush years from The Atlantic (article here):

    Interesting. Thanks for posting

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