(sorry not trying to be a downer on the american auto industry but this was a compelling graphic)

The Fall of GM - a visual guide | WallStats.com The Art of Information

Many aspects of this graphic can apply to the rest of the Big Three but I focused on GM since they are in the most dire position. GM has many woes, the least of which is a shortfall of money, so why do people think that an infusion of cash will do anything but prolong the agony?
So here it is, a visual guide to why GM won’t be around much longer. Unless ofcourse they can actually form a game plan to get some of these metaphorical shipping containers off their backs. Another thing I wanted to stress is that the conversation about the decline of General Motors involves singular finger pointing. “It’s the unions”, “It’s management”. Bottom line is you will need a lot of fingers because the root causes are plenty and the cumulative effect is what’s taking this ship down.