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Thread: Gay rights group to protest at Fl. Governor Charlie Crist's wedding

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    Default Gay rights group to protest at Fl. Governor Charlie Crist's wedding

    A gay rights group called Impact Florida is planning to protest the Dec. 12 wedding of Gov. Charlie Crist and Carole Rome, reports. "The demonstration will be peaceful and respectful," Impact Florida spokesperson Lorna Bracewell said in an exclusive interview with

    The singer/songwriter and Tampa Bay native says the wedding provides an opportunity to shine a light on the injustice and unfairness of Amendment 2, which banned same-sex marriage. "Governor Crist, an outspoken proponent of Amendment 2, is getting married.

    He is exercising the same fundamental right millions of Floridians are now denied because of the passage of Amendment 2," Bracewell said.

    Gay rights group to protest at Crist's wedding - St. Petersburg Times

    From their website:

    We will be holding an event December 12th at about 7:00 P.M.

    There may be a meeting place before the event so please contact Lorna if you have questions about a pre-meeting place and time.

    We will be joining together in Pink Tee Shirts and bluejeans to congratulate Governor Crist on his wedding. The wedding is set to take place at the First Methodist Church in Downtown St. Pete.

    After the positive Congratulatory observance. There will be a candlelight Vigil close to the Venoy in Downtown St. Pete to mourn the loss of Gays right to get married.

    We ask people from all over Florida to join in at these events and that it is kept peaceful and respectful event.

    Thank you all for joining Impact-Florida .

    A statewide event - ImpACT-Florida

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    There have been rumors on the gay/gossip circuit for years that Crist is a closet case. I wonder if there is any truth to it...

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    I believe he is gay, so does most everyone I know. I have seen him around the city, where he has dined in the past, places he has frequented. The lady is just a cover for him. I think the vigil is at Straub park, nest to the Vinnoy. St Pete is becoming prodominantly a gay city, and very tolerant which is why they feel comfortable here.
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