Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, thinks he's the president of the United States. He's thought this for a while. Unless Obama wants the US military freelancing at running its own government from the Pentagon, Obama should give Mullen the boot and explain to the rest of the military leadership that America is not a banana republic, and they didn't get elected to office.

Mullen, and his oversized ego, are now freelancing publicly with the media (again) in an effort to pressure Obama into not withdrawing from Iraq. Last time I checked, it wasn't Mullen's call if and when and how we withdraw from Iraq. And more importantly, I'm pretty sure trying to publicly pressure your boss is really bad form, generally, and kind of reeks of a bit of a coup when your boss in the president and you're an admiral living in a democracy.

Then again, this wouldn't be the first time Mullen appointed himself lord overseer of the entire US democracy. You may recall that it was Admiral Mullen who, back in July, publicly opined that Obama's Iraq plan was "dangerous." (Gee, wonder who Mullen was trying to get elected.) Then there was the time, last April, that Mullen seemed to question whether it was wise to hold the presidential election at all since the new guy might have a different opinion about Iraq. Anybody else get the sense that Admiral Mullen would be happier living in North Korea, or at least John McCain's America?

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The boot needs to come down hard from Obama.

You work for the people, and the people have elected Obama.

Chain of command must be respected unless you're told to tell lies (a la Powell)