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Thread: Tom Daschle will be Barack Obama's Health & Human Services secretary nominee

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    Default Tom Daschle will be Barack Obama's Health & Human Services secretary nominee

    NBC News confirms from Democratic sources that former S.D. Sen. Tom Daschle will be President-elect Barack Obama's Health and Human Services secretary nominee.

    In addition, an official with Obama's transition team says Daschle will oversee Obama's health policy working group.

    Daschle had been a close adviser to Obama throughout the Illinois senator's campaign for the White House. Daschle, who represented South Dakota in the Senate, recently wrote a book on his proposals to improve health care and is working with former Senate majority leaders on recommendations to improve the system.

    The official revealed plans for Daschle on grounds of anonymity in the absence of any official announcement. The focus of the working groups is to develop proposals and plans for action for the next administration.

    NBC: Daschle to be Obama's HHS Secretary - White House transition-

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    Yay!!!!!!!! I really like Daschle.
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    I like this choice. Hopefully, Obama and Daschle can make some positive changes to health care.

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    i'm not a Daschle fan,but THIS is a good choice!!!!!
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    Go Barack!

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    A lot of people may not know this, but several key members of Daschle's former Congressional staff worked on Obama's campaign.

    This is an EXCELLENT choice. And--thinking ahead--Daschle will be in prime position to help campaign for the Obama ticket in South Dakota in 2012. Obama did better in the Dakotas than some realize.

    Damn, Obama's a smart guy. Having such an analytical and thoughtful prez is about to make me cry, especially after 8 years of Twiddle Dumb.

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    He'll be a lot better than Mike Leavitt.

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    An excellent choice and the complete opposite of most of the Bush hirings.
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    Good choice.

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