This is Adam Smith, "also known as Steve Zacharanda," in Chicago on Election Night. He is a reporter for the Birmingham Mail, a newspaper in the UK. He's just been approached by a friendly Dutch person with a video camera. He seems to be filing a story, and he's definitely been drinking. Please watch his hilarious reportorial style—"I'm just a little bit pissed.... Thank god for the BBC, because I'm cutting and pasting, baby!"—after the jump.
As the Telegraph reports:
He went on to conclude: "My name is Adam Smith, also known as Steve Zacharanda, who has just resigned from the Birmingham Mail, the Birmingham Post and the Birmingham Sunday Mercury, to set up my own magazine. F—- you, I'm doing what I want."
Steve Dyson, the editor of the Birmingham Mail, declined to comment on the video, saying: "This is an internal matter".
This man is a hero to journalists everywhere.

Hero: UK Reporter Drunk on Hope, Booze

Steve Zacharanda: One man who didn't feel as great as Obama the morning after ...

It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. You are a local news journalist from Birmingham and a big Barack Obama fan and you want to do your bit to help make history. So you fly to Miami, join the campaign, and offer to write a story for the readers of the Birmingham Mail back home! Except this reporter, identifying himself as "Steve Zacharanda, also known as Adam Smith" celebrated with a few drinks, by the looks of it. And was then caught on camera filing his story and "cutting and pasting from the BBC". "I'm a bit of an idiot, basically," says Smith/Zacharanda. "It's been brilliant. I've met so many women ... Actually I've just come up with some award winning prose. If I can just keep my battery ..." Monkey can't help but feel his parting shot, which we won't repeat here, wasn't entirely sensible. "Steve Zacaranda" has since posted a comment under the YouTube clip. "Right, the thing is, right I've just woke up. And seen this video, which I don't really remember. I've been told to phone the Birmingham Mail because I am in trouble." He adds: "I was off duty, I am on official holiday working at the South Beach Miami Barack Obama campaign where I had just done a 18-hour shift trying to make the world a better place. Please check every BBC News outlet and see if I have cut and pasted anything. I have not, it was a joke and should be taken in the spirit it was said." We're sure his bosses will agree. But has he really resigned? Steve/Adam – drop Monkey a line!

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