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Thread: Living under the George Bush regime

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    Default Living under the George Bush regime

    I was thinking about the election from many different perspectives and it occurred to me that there is such an overwhelming feeling around that "we got our country back." For the last 8 years this country has felt like its been in the pocket of the Westboro Baptist Church. Americans, like all cultures have an ugly side. Many of us cling to religion because of fear rather than spirituality. There's a sense of puritan values that get in the way of things like progress in evolution and science in that "the old answers were enough" there's comfort in tradition, traditions of old white men running everything and segregation and classism. And there's that bullying patriot that thinks its our God given right to stomp all over the place because we're strong enough to do it.

    And this American has been the America I've been living in for the last 8 years. So many things happened that led up to the way that snowball started rolling, not the least of which was 911.

    I was thinking that just when Bush first got elected there were a lot of race issues that were being addressed. I think the James Byrd dragging was in the news and the Amadou Diallo trial. OJ Simpson has been in the news so much prior to it that it was on our minds. And then when 911 happened race issues were put on the back burner.

    I've been thinking a lot about why I feel that race matters recently. I've been noticing in my posts an interest in those topics.

    I think its because I want my country back. When Bush took over a lot of things that mattered to a lot of Americans were put away. Things like healing the race issues in the country, gay rights, scientific progress, global awareness and environmental awareness.

    I remember the country and where it seemed it was heading. It seems instead like for the last 8 years its gone down a side road and gotten stuck in this horrible place.

    Does anyone else feel that they have their country back? Do you feel as freed and hopeful as I do? I think this is the main reason Obama won, he just seems like the right hands to place our country. Hands we trust. He laid into Bush, he didn't try to be diplomatic about how Bush has ruined this country, even though Obama strikes me as a diplomatic man.

    Now we have an intelligent, articulate (God be praised we have an articulate leader again!) an open minded and compassionate person.

    I'm still so overwhelmed that the regime is over. Does anyone else feel this way?

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    I totally agree with you on feeling like 'we got our country back.'
    It just feels like the air is fresher, I feel rejuvenated knowing that this great man is going to be leading us and being our representative to the rest of the world, especially after Bush. Bush is not only extremely popular here, but he really had a lot to do with our foreign relations and let's face it, most countries really do not like us after his reign.
    It's nice to feel a sense of pride for the direction your country could be taking and another thing I loved is not only how happy we are at home, what this means right here in our country with Barack winning, but how all over the world, people rejoiced. It sp eaks volumes.
    I was listening to the radio this morning and someone called in from another country and said, It's like America elected a President of the world with Obama.

    That feels GOOD.

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    That too is what is so great. I agree. Just to have people happy for us from all over the world is a beautiful thing.

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    And here's the thing - WE got the country back because WE got out and volunteered, knocked on doors, made phone calls, handed out material - and WE voted him in. Obama is OUR candidate, our man and he's made it clear that this is OUR administration too. We are finally out from under the Bush dictatorship.

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    Anybody remember how progressive and forward looking the 90's were... at least until Rush Limbaugh and his merry band of bigots started being given more airtime, moving from the fringe to the forefront.

    I remember a decade of real movement on social issues, countries were opening dialogues, communication technology raced along at a blistering pace, environmentalism migrated to the forefront... and right around the time Bush got in, it was like a door slammed shut on it all. American fringe righties became some fucked up social movement that grabbed power, screaming down anybody who didn't fall into their little narrow definition of what an American was.. and then people started accepting that as ok.

    Then 9/11 happened, and the fringe just boiled up to the top and became this huge, ugly monstrosity that rampaged across the planet in some misbegotten, righteous quest fueled by greed.. for almost a decade this side of the pond has done nothing but talk of war, terrorists, and religious dogma.

    It's time to move the hell forward again. As flipstick said, there's a lot of shit that got ignored that needs to be looked at and NEVER PUT AWAY AGAIN
    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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    the 90's were awesome. My story is I lived in a very liberal town in a state where Nader wasn't on the ballot, and people petioned to have him put on the ballot. And those same people in that town haven't changed as much as they should have. I feel like many of us got spoiled by the 90's and thought it would only get better. We truly didn't know about the dark, evil forces in this country, because it is kept out of the media. Now we know, and I hope we won't ever be so naive again.

    I don't feel like I got my country 'back' in the sense that 2001 can't be undone, and I believe Bush could have stopped it if he'd listened to the security briefing on 8/6/01. Or reacted after the first plane hit. Or the second. The people (and 250,000 domestic animals) that died during Katrina can't be revived. A million Iraqis are dead, 5 million Iraqi children orphaned. Thousands of American soldiers are dead and tens of thousands maimed. It will never be what it was, in that brief period between Desert Storm and Shock and Awe. Everytime we forget what the criminals in this country are capable of, people die en masse.

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