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Thread: All the President's men (and women)

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    Default All the President's men (and women)

    Comment Central - Times Online - WBLG: All the President's men (and women)

    November 05, 2008

    All the President's men (and women)

    DC is already preparing itself for Barack Obama, his family and that new puppy. But there will also be a slew of fresh faces house-hunting in the capital as they prepare to take their seats in the new administration.
    Expect the first round of announcements about staff appointments shortly. There's a comprehensive rumour list over at Politico. But Comment Central's pulled out a few of the names that you'll be hearing a lot more about in the weeks to come.

    Rahm Emanuel: Last night, Emanuel (pictured above) was said to be agonising over whether or not to leave his senior House seat and take up the post of Obama's Chief of Staff. Most pundits think that he'll do it. Some say its destiny. After all, Emanuel inspired the character of Josh Lyman in West Wing and life has been imitating art consistently this campaign.

    Samantha Power: She may have put her foot in it by calling Clinton a monster but Power remains one of the most impressive members of Obama's foreign policy team. The Irish-American genocide expert quit her job to work for Obama for free. Rumours of National Security Adviser may be far-fetched. She'd excel in a post that dealt with Africa policy.

    David Axelrod: This moustachioed mastermind was the driving force behind Obama's brilliantly executed campaign for Obama. "The Ax" claims he's not heading to DC. But the fact that he delivered the Democrats this comeback ensures he's not going anywhere. Look for him to pop up in an advising capacity at least.

    Reggie Love: The 6' 5'' former Duke basketball player is not your typical campaign wonk. As Barack Obama's personal aide, he juggled court-time with keeping the candidate on schedule. The New York Times described him as:
    a walking dispensary of Sharpies, stationery, protein bars, throat lozenges, water, tea, Advil, Tylenol, Purell and emergency Nicorette, not to mention his ever-present iPhone, BlackBerry and Canon Rebel XT digital camera.
    Many see him as indispensable. Expect Love to stay on in the new administration.

    Larry Summers: One of a handful of familiar faces that may return to the Cabinet. Summers was Treasury Secretary for Bill Clinton and remains a hugely respected economist. True, he shares the new VP's penchant for gaffes (just look to his time at Harvard) but he's already informally advised Obama. Given the economic climate, the Democrats will be looking for experience. Summers just might fit the bill.

    Robert Gates: Yes, he's a Bush appointment. But don't think that Robert Gates will be going anywhere for at least a year. The Secretary of Defense has overseen the change in US fortunes in Iraq and Obama won't want to move him on too soon.

    Jon Favreau: Another member of the young dream team. Favreau started out writing speeches for John Kerry. Now, at just 26, he works for every speechwriter's dream boss. He has complained that the stress of the campaign prevents him from having a serious relationship. A probable move to the West Wing means he could be single for a while longer.

    Caroline Kennedy: The much-coveted Kennedy clan endorsement was a boost for Obama's fortunes. As the lion of the family battles illness, Ted Kennedy's niece may well be poised to step into the foreground. A respected author and lawyer, 'Sweet Caroline' is rumoured to be under consideration as a possible ambassador to the UN or our very own Court of St James.

    Robert Gibbs: The Communications Director for the Obama campaign once labelled himself 'protector of the image.' He's done a pretty good job thus far. He joined Obama back in the primary and will almost certainly follow him all the way to the White House.

    Al Gore: The former VP knows his way around DC. And with a Nobel Prize and an Oscar under his belt, he's certainly got the résumé for the job. He's been out on the campaign trail for Obama. Expect to see him honored in some capacity for his work on climate change.

    Susan Rice: There's no question but that Rice will play a part in the new guard. Obama's foreign policy advisor has already sat on the National Security Council and served the Clintons. Tough-talking and tenacious, she's could be the second Rice in as many administrations to fill the shoes of National Security Adviser (though she like to stress the fact that she's no relation of Condoleezza).

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    What about Hilliary? I don't see her being mentioned.
    If I can't be a good example, then let me be a horrible warning.

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    Oh snap, Al Gore's on the list and Hillary isn't

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    Quote Originally Posted by nana55 View Post
    What about Hilliary? I don't see her being mentioned.
    I don't think Hillary will be in Obama's cabinet. I see him saving a slot on the Supreme Court for her.

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    I heard he wants to appoint Robert Kennedy and Colin Powell as well.

    Looks like O will have a kick-ass administration. Love it! So fresh and new!
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