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Thread: Libby Dole's 'Godless Americans' campaign blowing up in her evil face

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    Default Libby Dole's 'Godless Americans' campaign blowing up in her evil face

    Liddy Dole deserves to lose for so many reasons. But, in the end, Dole really did herself in with that "godless" ad she ran against Kay Hagan. Public Policy Polling's blog, (PPP is based in North Carolina) had this analysis:

    It is pretty clear to me based on our polling this weekend that Kay Hagan will be headed to the US Senate unless something very bizarre happens in the next 72 hours. While numbers in the races for President and Governor are basically unchanged from last week there has been clear movement away from Elizabeth Dole, a sign that her 'Godless Americans' ad is blowing up in her face.

    Dole has run one of the worst campaigns imaginable.

    Dole is getting what she deserves.

    If you live in North Carolina, pile on. Crush Liddy while you're defeating McCain. You're doing a favor for the rest of America.Liddy Dole's "'Godless Americans" ad is blowing up in her face"

    Hahahaha....isn't it fantastic that the politics of hate don't quite seem to be working this time around? I hope this cow is soundly defeated and is forced to wipe her husband's ass for the next twenty years.
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    Yep. Happy day. They have been running some great ads against her.

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