Just in case you forgot, Tom DeLay appeared on Hardball this afternoon to remind us just how much of a scumbag he is. Chris Matthews asks about the tone of the campaign and whether it's been appropriate. Of course not, Delay responds, McCain hasn't been assertive enough. Get that? McCain's campaign hasn't been sleazy enough according to this a$$hole. In order to make his case, DeLay goes down the laundry list of Obama smears, including but not limited to, he's a Marxist, a radical, a black liberation theologist, terrorist sympathizer, and Constitution-hater. Please don't watch this clip if you have high blood pressure. It should really go down in the Hall of Shame, something we can look back on in five or ten years from now and marvel at.

"He must agree with the Marxist theology of black liberation theology."

"I tagged Barack Obama as a Marxist months ago. [...] He's a Marxist, or a socialist at best."

The AP, to their credit, does a great job of debunking DeLay's despicable smear of Obama re: his views on the Constitution.

Whatever you may think of Tweety, he usually does a good job of smacking around wingnut Congressmen. For some reason, though, he always grovels at DeLay's feet. I just don't get it. I really don't get why any network (other than FOX, of course) would give this putz a platform to spew his crap.Crooks and Liars
God, this guy really is an asshole.