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Thread: Which voter's poll is most accurate?

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    Default Which voter's poll is most accurate?

    There are so many polls out there that show Obama leading by various points? Which one should we believe? Electoral Projections Done Right - Welcome to America's Most Accurate Pollster

    of course then there is CNN, MSNBC, Faux news, etc.

    I don't know which one to believe because they all claim to be so "accurate."

    Can you tell I am soooooo nervous about this election?
    If McCain wins, I'm moving to Canada.
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    Five Thirty Eight isn't a pollster. They take most polls like Gallup, CNN, FOX, Rassmussen and run them against their own statistical model.

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    538 is the most unbiased out there.

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    For democrats it's the polls that show Obama in the lead. For republicans it's the polls that show McCain in the lead

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