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Thread: Presidential politics: Endorsement time

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    Default Presidential politics: Endorsement time

    Presidential politics: Endorsement time

    Yahoo Newsroom
    The vice presidential candidates are picked. The conventions are done. So are the debates. What's a political watcher to do with the 15 days left before the election?
    You can always try to decipher the polls or wait for the October Surprise (if it hasn't already happened yet). Or, you can do what we did this weekend: meander through the avalanche of endorsements that have been handed down from newspapers and other notables during the campaign season.

    There have been a few newsworthy endorsements recently as some high-profile Republicans have publicly moved to Democratic territory. Christopher Buckley, William F. Buckley's son, endorsed Obama (and subsequently lost his column at the National Review over it). Colin Powell did the same this weekend. Republican talk show host Michael Smerconish announced he'd be voting for a Democrat for the first time in 28 years. (We should note that even though he's a fixture on the McCain campaign now, Sen. Joe Lieberman jumping parties to endorse McCain was also news at the time.)

    But those are just a few voices that received attention for making unexpected choices. There are a lot of other endorsements out there, so here's a round-up of some nods.

    First, the political ones. President Bush, Gov. Schwarzenegger and the NRA have endorsed McCain. Hillary Clinton, Caroline Kennedy and the AFL-CIO have endorsed Obama.

    Obvious political endorsements can be boring, so thank Hollywood for giving us Heidi Montag, Matt Damon and the Baldwin brothers. Montag of "The Hills" fame endorsed McCain and then he endorsed her right back. Matt Damon said Obama is his guy and (more famously) noted that Sarah Palin's candidacy sounded like a "bad Disney movie."

    Then, there's the dueling political posturing of a couple of the brothers Baldwin. While neither may have explicitly endorsed a candidate, you could probably tell by watching "Saturday Night Live" this weekend that Alec is a loud Democrat and little bro Stephen is an outspoken Republican. (Stephen even went so far as to challenge Obama to a boxing duel for charity.)

    Baldwins aside, what you might find more useful is knowing who newspapers endorse. The Chicago Tribune, for example, is backing Barack Obama. It's the first time in the paper's history that they are endorsing a Democrat for the presidency of the United States. A few days after the Trib endorsement, McCain picked up his own big-deal endorsement from a paper in the swing state of Ohio, the Columbus Dispatch.
    There's a comprehensive list of newspaper endorsements over at Editor & Publisher, but we've pulled a few of the other key ones below:

    Boston Herald – McCain
    Los Angeles Times – Obama
    New York Post - McCain
    Washington DC Examiner – McCain
    Washington Post – Obama

    Endorsements flood in

    Heidi Montag?

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    Ha ha ha. The New York Post is like a daily National Enquirer.
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    The NY Post????

    oh well, they're shit.

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    Default Re

    Yeah, and the Boston Herald is even shittier than the NY Post.

    The Boston Globe endorsed Obama, though it endorsed HRC in the primary, I believe.

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    New York Daily News just endorsed Obama the other day.

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    When does Batboy endorse Obama?
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    Batboy is dead. The Weekly World News is no more, alas. But I bet Ed Anger would have endorsed McCain in a heartbeat.

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