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Thread: GOP attacks opponent of Elizabeth Dole for having 'godless friends'

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    Default GOP attacks opponent of Elizabeth Dole for having 'godless friends'

    ABC News' Teddy Davis and Julia Hoppock Report: The GOP targeted the so-called "Godless friends" of Elizabeth Dole's opponent on Saturday, circulating a YouTube video which assails Democrat Kay Hagan for attending a Boston fundraiser co-hosted by Woody Kaplan who sits on the advisory board of the Godless Americans PAC .

    "Either she shares their views or puts money over her principles," said John Randall , the online communications manager for the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). "Neither is a ringing endorsement for her as a senator from North Carolina." GOP Attacks Dole's Opponent For Having "Godless Friends" (VIDEO)
    Two things: is it a requirement to be a fundie to run for office these days? ANd what exactly are Elizabeth Dole's qualifications for office? I understand she's having a tough campaign but can't the bloody repugs run at least ONE clean race?
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    Not surprising. Dole is probably going to lose her Senate seat. Doing whatever it takes to win is the same shtick McCain is doing.

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    Yep, my parents have already gotten the spam mail linking Hagan with the 'godless americans'. Such a stupid name makes me wonder if it's a rethug front group or something.

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