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Thread: John McCain 'loves' his odds

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    Default John McCain 'loves' his odds

    John McCain, facing an uphill road to the White House, said Thursday that "I love where we are" as he continued to hammer his Democratic rival for waging what he calls class warfare.

    On the heels of the final presidential debate, polls suggest the race could be tightening, and even Barack Obama warned his supporters Thursday not to get "cocky."

    McCain, in an interview with FOX News, said that undecided voters won't weigh in until the closing hours of the campaign -- "maybe the last couple hours" -- and that Americans are starting to "appreciate" the difference between the two candidates' economic plans.

    "Am I the underdog? Of course. Do I love being the underdog? Of course," McCain said.

    The economic turmoil of the past several weeks seems to only have helped Obama, who polls show is more trusted to handle the crisis than McCain.

    But McCain continued to point to a voter who's become known as "Joe the Plumber" as a symbol of the damage he says Obama's economic policies could do.

    "It's class warfare," McCain said. "That's really what it says, that we're going to take money from people who create jobs, as Joe would ... rather than let you keep it and hire more people and create more jobs."

    Joe Wurzelbacher was videotaped over the weekend complaining to Obama that his tax policies would hurt him and his plans to buy a plumbing business. Obama told him he wants to "spread the wealth around," though he still wants to encourage small businesses to create jobs
    Wurzelbacher was mentioned more than two-dozen times at Wednesday's presidential debate.

    "I've got to paint a way not to share the wealth, but to make people wealthy," McCain said, explaining that Americans are angry and frustrated, and "I have to show them ... a direct plan to get out of this ditch."

    McCain said he was going to call Joe the Plumber, and that "I think we're going to be spending some time together."

    McCain also stood by his declaration at the debate that he is not President Bush, and if Obama wanted to run against Bush he should have done so in 2004.

    "I've been saying it pretty often and maybe not loud enough ... It was an opportunity, and frankly, I took it," he said.

    But at a stop in Londonderry, N.H., Thursday, Obama said that even though Bush is not on the ballot this year, "I'm running against all those policies of George Bush that you support, Senator McCain."

    Obama's lead in the Gallup daily tracking poll, which recently had him ahead by 11 points, narrowed to 6 points on Thursday.

    Pointing to his Democratic primary loss to Hillary Clinton in the Granite State, Obama warned his supporters to stay vigilant in the closing weeks of the campaign.

    "New Hampshire, we are 19 days away from changing this country. Nineteen days away," he said. "But for those who are getting a little cocky, I've got two words for you: New Hampshire.

    "I learned right here with the help of my great friend and supporter Hillary Clinton, that you cannot let up, you can't pay too much attention to the polls. We've got to keep making our case for change. We've got to keep fighting for every single vote. We've got to keep running through that finish line."

    Obama has McCain playing defense in traditionally Republican states like Virginia and in swing states like Colorado, Ohio and Florida.

    But McCain said, "All of them are in the margin of error."

    McCain continued to press Obama to "tell the whole truth" about his ties to ACORN, the low-income advocacy group under investigation for voter fraud, and 1960s radical William Ayers.

    McCain's campaign has hammered those associations over the past two weeks, but at the same time fielded criticism for not concentrating enough on the economy. McCain touched on Ayers and ACORN at the debate, but spent far more time talking about Joe the Plumber.

    "I love the role we're in. I love where we are," McCain told FOX News. "I'm happy. I'm proud of our campaign." Behind in the Polls, McCain Shows Confidence With New Economic Pitch - Elections

    A couple of things: it's sad that he's 'proud' of his campaign, since it's been nothing but fear-mongering and slurs. Second, he has to be joking with his 'class warfare' bullshit. He's richer (or at least his wife is) than 99% of all Americans so what the fuck is he on about? Does he expect us to think he really gives a shit about average Americans?

    And he's going to spend time with Joe the Plumber? What are they going to discuss? Charles Keating and what a raw deal he got? This man has lost hte plot completely.
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    I love 'em too, John.. slim to none.

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    But McCain said, "All of them are in the margin of error."
    Um yeah buddy - so are you. You're in a small margin and you've made some really notorious errors.

    ** Cough** Sarah Palin **Cough**

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