This is hilarious.

From a blogger at HuffPo:

Good night John, good night moon, good night Sarah with the red balloon. Sleep tight, America, in Ojamas

Welcome to Ojamas Sleepwear
Sleep soundly and awake to a brand new day for America in Obama Pajamas, Ojamas! Ojamas are two-piece sets featuring the 2-inch campaign logo of the Democratic nominee evenly spaced from top to bottom in an attractive "step and repeat" pattern. Current availability is planned for mid October. Orders will be filled on a first-in/first-out basis, so getting your order in now guarantees you will be among the first to receive your Ojamas. Our production will be limited, and Ojamas will become instant collectibles. Don't wait until election night - they may all be gone by then. Pre-order your Ojamas today! To begin, click on "Obama Pajamas" under Categories to the left or click on the picture to the right.

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