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Thread: John McCain's camp releases Bill Ayers ad

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    Thumbs down John McCain's camp releases Bill Ayers ad

    Thursday, Oct. 9, 2008 12:52 EDT
    McCain camp releases Ayers ad

    Wednesday night, the McCain camp promised “big news” for the morning. Turns out that big news is really just another Web ad. This time, though, it’s a frontal assault on Barack Obama, one that uses former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers against him.

    I’m not going to link to the video, or post it — if you really want to see it, you can find it pretty easily — because the McCain campaign’s strategy on this is even more obvious than normal. They want to get airtime for this video without spending any money to run it. Just the length of it (more than a minute and a half) indicates that they have no plans to ever buy time for this. They just want it to be discussed, especially on television news, and to take Ayers to the forefront of the national discussion about the election.

    ― Alex Koppelman

    McCain camp releases Ayers ad - War Room -

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    Please. No one cares about this? Where's your commercial on fixing the economy?

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    But he couldn't say it to his face.


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    Sounds like the same stuff they have been spewing at their hate rallies, but set to scarier music.

    Pathetic. They're getting just the reaction they want too. From another thread:

    They already had the fundie vote when they picked up Palin, I guess this new drive, McCain is wagering his campaign and hoping that America is even more racist and xenophobic than it lets on. He's betting on some hidden closet-racist vote to carry him into the White House.

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    And here's part 2 of that video (in case you haven't caught it in the other thread):[YOUTUBE]VJghQMq49dw[/YOUTUBE]Includes a woman whose child says of Barack Obama "you need gloves to touch him".

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    That ad sounds more like something released from the $cientologists. The only state McCain/Palin will sweep with no problem is the State of Desperation.

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