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Thread: Sarah Palin is such a Washington outsider she raises money with corrupt WallStreeters

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    Lightbulb Sarah Palin is such a Washington outsider she raises money with corrupt WallStreeters

    Sarah Palin: fundraiser today at home of corrupt, SEC-fined Wall Street investment company executive

    by terjeanderson

    Mon Oct 06, 2008 at 03:10:06 PM PDT

    I think the corruption on Wall Street. Thats to blame. And that violation of the public trust. And that contract that should be inherent in corporations who are spending, investing other peoples money, the abuse of that is what has got to stop,
    Sarah Palin on "Hannity and Colmes", September 17, 2008

    Guess where Sarah Palin was today?

    Campaigning in Naples, Florida, including headlining a fundraiser. A fundraiser held at the home of John "Jack" Donahue, co- founder and Chairman of Federated Investors, a financial services company.

    $10,000 per person reception organized for Sarah Palin in Naples

    If that name rings a distant bell in your head, maybe it is because in 2005, Federated Investors paid a $72 million fine to the SEC for unethical trading practices.

    terjeanderson's diary :: ::

    As part of the investigation into mutual fund abuse connected with the Canary Capital Partners hedge fund scandal, Federated Investors was found to have engaged in a number of stock trading timing scams and other shady deals.

    Federated Investors handles billions of dollars in investments for retirement plans, banks, non-profits,and countless other companies and organisations.

    According to financial website"The Street": " The settlement comprises the disgorgement of $27 million in ill-gotten gains and a $45 million civil penalty.....Two Federated affiliates, Federated Investment Co. and Federated Securities Corp., were accused of cutting a market-timing deal with the hedge fund at the center of the scandal, Canary Capital Partners. According to a Securities and Exchange Commission complaint, Federated let Canary execute the arbitrage strategy in several funds without disclosing it to other shareholders."

    Is there any reason anyone could be naive enough to believe that John McCain and Sarah Palin are the "mavericks" who are going to get Wall Street "greed and corruption" under control?

    The Sarah Palin and John McCain and their ugly campaign have decided that "guilt by association" is a legitimate campaign tactic this year. Well, here's one more great association for them to be claiming.

    Daily Kos: Sarah Palin: fundraiser today at home of corrupt, SEC-fined Wall Street investment company executive
    Bwaha. Let's talk about associations, Sarah, you stupid cow.
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    That's the danger of throwing dirt. Usually you have some you don't want thrown your way.

    I hope people keep digging all this shit up on these two fucking hypocrites.
    "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."

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