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Thread: National Review, father of neoconsevative publication, blasts house Republicans

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    Red face National Review, father of neoconsevative publication, blasts house Republicans

    The National Review Online, a publication which is probably the father of the modern conservative moment:

    [T]he assertion by Republican leaders in the House that as many as a dozen of their members who were leaning toward voting for the legislation ended up voting against it because of Pelosi’s speech is extraordinary.

    Let’s see if we have this straight: whichever side of the issue you were on, yesterday’s vote was considered one of the most important ones members of Congress will ever face. Many respected voices argued that an economic catastrophe might follow in the wake of its defeat. Opponents of the legislation considered it a terrible violation of free-market principles. The stakes could not be higher.

    After the legislation was defeated and only one-third of House Republicans backed the plan, John Boehner and Roy Blunt took to the microphones and indicated that Pelosi’s speech had been so alienating and offensive that a significant number of House Republicans changed their mind and voted against the bill.

    Can they be serious? Do they realize how foolish and irresponsible they sound? On one of the most important votes they will ever cast, insisting “the speech made me do it” is lame and adolescent. The vote, after all, was on the legislation, not the speech. And to say that a dozen members of your caucus voted not out of principle but out of pique is a terrible indictment of them. I hope we learn the names of these delicate figures whose feelings were so bruised and abused.

    I have been defending House Republicans for a week against friends who thought they were acting in an irresponsible fashion. I argued they were people with admirable free-market principles who were simply trying to improve legislation and have their voices heard, something to which they were certainly entitled. And I thought they made the bill better than it was. But yesterday’s vote, and the excuses that followed the vote, have made me reassess my judgment. Watching Boehner, Blunt, and Cantor blame the outcome on the Pelosi speech was an embarrassment.

    We are in one of the most dispiriting moments I have ever witnessed in Washington, when political authority seems to be collapsing all around us. House Republicans have contributed to this, and it’s a shame.

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    They weren't going to approve it anyway, Pelosi's speech (as ill timed as it was) just gave them an opportunity to use her as a scapegoat.

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    ^^Exactly. They just wanted to blame the Dems rather than take the heat for being against it to begin with. But it's funny, just last week so many of these same Republicans that voted against the bailout were saying McCain showed 'great leadership' when he came back to Washington and told them to vote for it.

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    I wish he would have expanded to McCain, who made his campaign hold its breath in order to whip up votes and support for the bill.

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