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Thread: Bill Clinton, still not helping the cause

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    Default Bill Clinton, still not helping the cause

    Bill Clinton, still not helping the cause
    Ben Smith on Bill Clinton, continuing to play statesman over surrogate.

    One does wonder if McCain would’ve received an invite to the CGI if Hillary had been the nominee and what sort of introduction he would have gotten (and from who).
    According to Ben Smith: "Introducing John McCain at the Clinton Global Initiative in Manhattan, Bill Clinton doesn't mention that he's endorsed another candidate, or that there's a campaign on.
    "I am personally, profoundly honoered that Senator came here today," he said, recognizing Governor Sarah Palin as well.
    He lavished praise on McCain's foresight on global warming.
    "When most people in his party were thinking that global warming was overstated and maybe even a myth designed to help people like me who love solar and wind get into it, he decided to look into it," Clinton said, recalling McCain's and Hillary Clinton's trips to the Arctic.
    “The point I want to make is there aren’t any votes on this in Arizona,” Clinton said. “He just wanted to know. That’s what we want from everybody. John McCan wants to know and I am profoundly grateful to him for coming here today.”
    He then almost walked of with McCain's prepared remarks, and the two exchanged easy jokes.
    "I took his speech. What kind of a host is that?" said Clinton.
    "I almost gave one of the most extemporaneous speeches of my political career," McCain rejoined, laughing.
    ALSO: This morning he defended McCain's request to postpone the debates as a matter of "good faith."
    Bill Clinton, still not helping the cause
    I like Bill, but he does need to do a better job of 'helping' Obama and stop praising McCain. And he should whack off to a picture of Palin and be done with it.

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    yeah wtf is he doing?

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    been sayin this for weeks now... stfu bill
    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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    I want to slap the taste out of Bill's mouth so bad right now! Become a Republican and ask Palin if she wants to smoke your cigar already!

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