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Thread: Lawsuit to dismiss "Troopergate” - don’t hold your breath!

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    Lawsuit to dismiss “troopergate” - don’t hold your breath!

    Five Republican lawmakers have filed suit in Alaska Superior Court represented by McCain recruited attorneys, the Texas-base Liberty Legal Institute, and are seeking to halt the legislative investigation we now call “troopergate.” The rhetoric is that this is McCarthyism. Two of the plaintiffs are members of the Senate coalition minority, Sen. Fred Dyson and Tom Wagoner, along with former Dyson legislative staffer Wes Keller, appointed by Gov. Palin to a seat vacated by indicted Rep. Vic Kohring. The other two are Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Fairbanks, and Rep. Bob Lynn, R-Anchorage. In Many respects it is noteworthy that more Republicans were not pressed into joining the suit.

    But don’t hold your breath on this action, Alaska has very politically insulated courts, with nomination and evaluation by a poll of all bar members, and with only two names forwarded to the governor. The Alaska courts may prove loath to reach across seperation-of-powers lines. Further, Alaska “does not” have an independent Attorney General, rather one appointed and serving at the pleasure of the governor. The present attorney general, Talis Colberg, is from Palin’s home area of the Mat-Su Valley, a personal friend of the governor, but came with limited government experience.

    The executive branch does not have the internal audit function, with this being assigned to the Legislature’s Legislative Audit Agency. Our constitution created a strong executive function with virtually all officials serving at the governor’s pleasure, except for a few quasi-judicial positions that can only be dismissed for cause. The point here is that it is the Legislature that has the responsibility to carry out independent investigation and audit of the executive branch. This is very unlike other states.

    • In fact, we would have expected Colberg to have recused himself by this time, as did a former attorney general many years ago when under legislative investigation.
    This is from the last page (8) of Alaska Legislative Digest No. 1808. It's an 8-page PDF. You can view it in its entirety here.

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    I think Palin and Co cant wiggle there way out of this- and this is going to blow up in their faces big time. The irony is that they are on a reform and transparency ticket yet they are trying to subvert the laws of the state.

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    The fact that they're trying so hard to crush this investigation means that's there must be a MOUNTAIN of evidence against Palin. And if the investigator releases his findings around October 10th like he said he would, and it shows Palin's guilty, she's going to have a hard time trying to push that 'reformer-maverick' image.

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