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Thread: Pink says Sarah Palin hates women

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    Default Pink says Sarah Palin hates women

    Pink says Sarah Palin hates women

    Pink has always been pretty outgoing when it comes to speaking her mind. So it’s really no surprise that she’s not afraid to say exactly what she thinks about vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Pink – who’s a vegetarian – says all creatures great and small should be afraid of Palin. And she takes on the potential VP’s unwavering stance on abortion, saying Palin “hates women” and isn’t “of this time.”
    “If I were writing a letter to Sarah Palin,” Pink told PopEater during her Sessions taping on Thursday, “it would be a lot of whys and hows. Who are you? Do you know? Why do you hate animals? Please point out Iraq on a map …”
    What scares Pink are women who consider the Alaska governor’s selection a feminist victory. “This woman hates women,” the singer said. “She is not a feminist. She is not the woman that’s going to come behind Hillary Clinton and do anything that Hillary Clinton would’ve been capable of … I can’t imagine overturning Roe vs. Wade. She’s not of this time. The woman terrifies me.”
    Pink, an animal rights activist, suggests creatures other than humans should be just as scared of Palin: “I can’t imagine shooting a wolf out of a helicopter.”
    [From PopEater]

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    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    GO PINK. Love her.

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    THANK YOU, Pink!

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    I can’t imagine overturning Roe vs. Wade.
    I'll be the first to raise my hand and say that I think Pink is unbearable, but I agree with this.

    It very much concerns me both McCain and Palin have an intention or hope that Roe V Wade will be overturned. It's just so fucking wrong.

    A woman should not be forced to have a child. Nor should a child be born into this world by a mother who doesn't want him or her. Do we really want a new generation of children whose parents didn't want them and would have rather had them aborted?

    She's right. Palin is scary.

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    Love Pink!

    And she's a Vegan so I respect her position on hunting even more!

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    Right on, Pink!
    Baltimore O's ​Fan!

    I don''t know if she really fucked the board though. Maybe just put the tip in. -Mrs. Dark

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    Pink is untouchable, the woman who had a hit record talking about Bush's "whiskey and cocaine", she's one of the bravest women to come along in a long time, I loved "Stupid Girls" too, and she is so right, Palin is a woman-hater first class, a misogynist with a uterus, a republican wet-dream.

    Just please, please, please don't let it be true that she's becoming a scientologist.

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    Thanks Pink,you said it all.

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