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Thread: Mitt Romney says Democrats are bitter jellus fatties; more POW mentions to boot

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    Talking Mitt Romney says Democrats are bitter jellus fatties; more POW mentions to boot

    Potential vice presidential nominee Mitt Romney accused Democrats on Wednesday of playing "the politics of envy" in recent ads and speeches that focus on John McCain's wealth and multiple homes.

    The former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate defended his former rival for the Republican nomination against the full-on Democratic assault, saying presidential candidate Barack Obama was resorting to divisive politics.

    "I understand the Democrats are trying to use the politics of envy and I don't think that works," Romney told The Associated Press before campaigning on McCain's behalf near Las Vegas. Asked to explain, he said he saw the criticism as "the politics of jealousy or envy or a sense that somehow we're going to be less likely to vote for someone because they've achieved economic success."

    McCain has been the subject of mockery and negative television commercials since he told a reporter last week that he did not know how many homes he owned and needed to check with his staff. Obama's campaign is running a commercial describing the Arizona senator as out of touch. Democrats meeting at their national convention in Denver have rarely missed an opportunity to get in digs from the podium.

    Romney, whose own wealth is estimated at up to $250 million, noted that past Democratic presidents including Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy connected with voters despite their ballooning bank accounts. He said McCain's personal history allows him to do the same.

    "I think growing up as a military brat, traveling around as a soldier and even being homeless for five years, in a prison, the notion that he is somehow above the American people is going to fall flat. Voters recognize a man who is very much in touch with American values, American citizens," Romney said.

    That is precisely the point Democrats are trying to challenge and hope might have particular potency to voters battered by the rough economy.

    "Here's the problem: John McCain is out of touch with Americans who are struggling to keep their homes and worried about paying their bills," Obama spokeswoman Kirsten Searer responded. "John McCain is so out of touch, he thinks the economy is strong."

    Romney is on a short list of potential running mates for McCain. Many in the West believe as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints he could help McCain tap into vital networks of Mormon voters and drive up turnout in key battlegrounds such as Colorado and Nevada.

    Romney's appeal was on full display Wednesday. His appearance drew nearly 1,000 people to a convention center in southern Nevada's suburbs, the bedrock of his support in the state. The crowd carried no McCain signs.

    "Mitt's a fit," one man yelled.

    U.S. Rep. Jon Porter, R-Nev., asked the crowd to cheer for "Romney-McCain," before catching himself.

    Romney aimed his remarks at Obama, describing the 47-year-old Illinois senator as a "charming, attractive young fellow" with too little experience to lead.

    He would not discuss his status as a potential running mate, but came prepared for another question.

    Romney said he has four homes.

    Romney: Democrats using 'politics of envy'
    Bitch please, which party is constantly trying to tar its opponents as 'elitists'?
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    Exactly. How can you say that the Dems are jealous of McCain falling into some rich squishmitten, while painting Obama as an elitist? Mitt Romney just proved why he should be VP. He's an idiot, and Biden will tear him apart in a debate.

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