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Thread: Hype: The Barack Obama Effect documentary

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    Default Hype: The Barack Obama Effect documentary

    Hype: The Obama Effect Documentary

    A movement is sweeping the nation. Frenzied crowds gather in every state. Young people chant and sing. Women swoon. The result is record voter turn out and a rare political enthusiasm. At the head of this unprecedented phenomenon stands a charismatic figure intent on becoming the President of the United States.

    "I'm asking you to believe."
    "We are the ones we have been waiting for."
    "Yes, we can!"

    These words, from Barack Obama, have inspired everything from outrageous videos to the largest campaign fundraising success in history. He has taken what was considered a sure bet Clinton machine and turned it on its head. His supporters claim he is the new Martin Luther King, Jr. He is hailed as this generation's John F. Kennedy. This documentary explores the HYPE behind Barack Obama.

    click link to see the television ad and trailer
    Hype: The Obama Effect - - Citizens United

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    the right person, saying the right things, with the right persona, at the right time.

    that's how hype happens.

    that doesn't mean said individual is devoid of content. Why is it detractors always say "it's just hype' and never actually listen to the guy's plans?
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    The detractors never listen when Obama does give specifics, because that doesn't play into their 'he doesn't have any substance' line of attack.

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    ^^You're right! If they actually took the time to listen, or to read their arguments, and/or justifications for not voting for him would be out the window. So, they can repeat the smears, and lies without it weighing on their conscious..if they actually have one.
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