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Thread: DNC announces speech schedule for convention

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    Default DNC announces speech schedule for convention

    Following is the list of keynote speakers and topics at the upcoming Democratic Convention:

    Marion Barry --- Drug Abuse

    Rep. Denny Kucinich --- How to garner 1 % of the vote in every primary entered

    Sen. Chris Dodd --- Obtaining Countrywide loans

    Sen. Chucky Schumer --- How to initiate a run on a bank

    Jesse Jackson ---- Marital fidelity and Castration

    John Edwards ---- Ambulance Chasing and Spousal support in time of need

    Sen. Theodore Kennedy --- Driver education and How to stop a pending autopsy

    James McGreevey ---- Gay rights

    Mayor Ray Nagin --- Emergency evacuation preparations

    Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick – Email etiquette in the workplace

    Al Sharpton ---- Race relations

    Sen. Evan Bayh --- How to ignore the Liberal wing of the Democratic Party and support the war in Iraq

    Al Gore --- Snow Removal

    Louis Farrakhan --- Muslims in America and Muslim in the White House

    Someone emailed this to me, so if anyone has the RNC please post it in the interest of bipartisanship
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    they missed John "how zombies came THIS close to the white house" Kerry
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