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Thread: Former POW says he won't vote for John McCain

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    Question Former POW says he won't vote for John McCain

    Graduate of the US Naval Academy, and co-POW with McCain in Vietnam (Butler was there longer). Not very happy with McCain, and he's known McCain since they were cadets. Let's see Mrs. Greenspan and the McCain machine try to demonize this guy:

    I furthermore believe that having been a POW is no special qualification for being President of the United States. The two jobs are not the same, and POW experience is not, in my opinion, something I would look for in a presidential candidate.

    Most of us who survived that experience are now in our late 60's and 70's. Sadly, we have died and are dying off at a greater rate than our non-POW contemporaries. We experienced injuries and malnutrition that are coming home to roost. So I believe John's age (73) and survival expectation are not good for being elected to serve as our President for 4 or more years.

    I can verify that John has an infamous reputation for being a hot head. He has a quick and explosive temper that many have experienced first hand. Folks, quite honestly that is not the finger I want next to that red button.

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