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Thread: Barack Obama / Wesley Clark '08?

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    Default Barack Obama / Wesley Clark '08?

    I stumbled on this and found it very interesting and compelling. Neither Kaine nor Bayh seems right for VP, IMO, but the Clark option is interesting. It fits. It would make for a strong ticket.

    Web site pulls for Clark as Obama running mate
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark is getting an online push for presidential running mate.

    A new Web site, Obama - Clark, offers readers a chance to sign a petition supporting Clark's placement on the ticket with Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

    Clark, a Vietnam veteran and former supreme commander of NATO under President Clinton, had been serving as a national security surrogate for Obama until he belittled McCain's qualifications to be president during an appearance on CBS' "Face the Nation" last month.

    McCain, a former Navy fighter pilot, was shot down over Hanoi and held prisoner during the Vietnam War.

    "I don't think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president," Clark said.

    Matt Stoller, a political consultant and blogger who created the pro-Clark Web site, said the flap over Clark's comments "was just a bunch of insiders getting mad."

    The Web site argues that Clark can complement Obama with his executive experience, a military background and understanding of foreign policy. Clark endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton during the Democratic primaries, but voiced support for Obama once he secured the nomination.

    The Associated Press: Today on the presidential campaign trail

    Another article:
    Wesley Clark for VP
    'The political argument for Clark is simple. He is a great surrogate for Democrats, with experience in 2004 and 2006 on the campaign trail, and a genuine national base of supporters. In terms of governance, which is what Obama says is the most important criteria for his VP pick, Clark can help Obama deal with the mess that the Bush administration left behind. As commander of NATO in the late 1990s, Clark won a war, so he is more likely than any progressive out there to be able to wrangle solutions from a military establishment that has been decimated by Bush's cronyism and incompetence. That is really important moving forward, since rebuilding our national security posture is a critical challenge over the next eight years

    Clark also emphasizes Obama's strengths. He is popular among grassroots progressives, he was against the war in Iraq from the get-go, and he is an outsider to politics. He also demonstrated terrific political judgment in being willing to work against Lieberman in 2006, unlike, say, Tim Kaine, who endorsed Lieberman for President in 2004. This kind of savvy political judgment can help Obama avoid landmines down the road, and the Bush administration has left very little but landmines for the next President.

    Before the idiot DC villagers threw a hissy fit about Clark, he was on the short list for VP. Is it realistic to see him back on that list? Well really, it's up to Obama. Choosing Clark would be a clear demonstration that Obama intends to significantly shift the political debate in the country and that he refuses to allow old school bitchy sniping from DC insiders to dominate our national political discourse. What Clark said - that McCain has no experience in national security decision-making - is absolutely true, and it's a point that needs emphasis repeatedly and effectively by someone who can deliver it.

    Clark has a 34 year service record, has won a war, commanded troops all over the world, and nearly died of his injuries in Vietnam. He has run for President and been a surrogate for hundreds of Democrats all over the country, including Ned Lamont. He was against the war in Iraq, and knows the military bureaucracy inside and out. This is someone who would make an insanely good Vice President, and someone who has deep connections to the newly formed progressive communities that emerged from 2002-2006

    Senator Obama would do well to choose Clark as his running mate.

    Obama - Clark '

    Source: Open Left:: Wes Clark for VP

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    I've been for an Obama/Clark ticket for a while now. Clark has the military experience that will balance out McCain's, and he'll help to shore up Obama in his weakest areas. Hopefully, Obama will pick him for the VP slot. Clark is his best option at this point.

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    I like Clark. Air Force officers are considered sissy by the rest anyway. No real combat. If you see it up close and personal, you do all you can to prevent it. Like Clark.
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    Clark looks good on paper, then he opens his mouth. He has got a real problem with talking himself into a corner ... his military experience isn't enough of a bonus in my mind to offset the possible blunder he could cause the ticket.

    Plus, too many people associate him with the Clintons.

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