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Thread: John McCain plays the race card

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    Default John McCain plays the race card

    'I have great admiration and respect for Senator Obama."

    If so, McCain has a funny way of showing it. All we've seen and heard from him for the last month is a string of personal attacks, culminating in yesterday's ad smearing Obama as "the biggest celebrity in the world." He's just another famous, pretty face, in other words, and not ready for the presidency.

    True? No. Childish? Yes. But that's not all. This ad is also deliberately and deceptively racist.

    Of all the famous celebrities they could have compared Obama to, why not Tom Cruise? Or Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Donald Trump, or Oprah Winfrey? Why Britney Spears and Paris Hilton? Why two white blond bimbos?

    Only one reason. It's a somewhat tamer version of the white bimbo ad used so successfully against Harold Ford in Tennessee. In juxtaposing Barack Obama with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, the McCain campaign is simply trying to plant the old racist seed of black man hitting on young white woman. Not directly, but subliminally and disgracefully.

    One thing for sure. This isn't the John McCain we first saw in 2000, running a campaign on the issues. And this isn't the positive McCain campaign he himself promised us for 2008. This is a campaign that, from the beginning, is nothing but negative, personal, dirty and, yes, racist.
    Bill Press: John McCain Plays the Race Card

    I had to post this take, I find it funny. The black man hitting on young white women......So ridiculous

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    I didn't think about it that way, but they may have a point. The idea of black men and white women having sex, whether real or imagined, has always been a hot-button issue in this country. Which got taken up by a thousand notches after the O.J. Simpson case.

    Don't know if I 100% agree with the article, but I can see where they're coming from. Because the bottom line is, McCain isn't running on the issues. He, and his supporters, have nothing else better to do, but attack Obama. And we all saw how well that tactic worked for Hillary.

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