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Thread: John McCain flip-flops on immigration

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    Thumbs down John McCain flip-flops on immigration

    Very interesting article. McCain is faring worse than Bush with a key group of Hispanics. Basically, because of the GOP effort to demonizes Latinos during the immigration debate. And as the article notes, McCain, yet again, flip flopped on this issue too, so now he's cozying up to the hard-line anti-Latino crowd in his own party. So why should Latinos vote for him if he's going to woo the racists in his own midst? They shouldn't, and aren't.

    While he earned the support of about seven in ten Hispanics in his last Arizona Senate race, a Pew Hispanic Center poll released Thursday shows that just 23 percent of Latinos intend to vote for McCain in the presidential contest, barely half of the four in ten Latino voters who exit polls showed voted for President Bush in 2004....

    While McCain’s support of the immigration bill — which was eventually voted down — appealed to many Hispanics, it infuriated some conservatives. McCain, his campaign then floundering, promised primary voters that he had “got the message,” vowed to prioritize enforcement and even claimed he wouldn’t have voted for his own bill it if was to have come up again.

    The shift in tone placated conservatives while infuriating many Hispanics....

    John McCain’s problem looks to be most pronounced among Protestant Latinos, who had seemed to be the GOP’s doorway into the Hispanic population.

    “McCain’s problem is the problem of his party demonizing Hispanic people,” Cortes said. “His party demonized us. You can’t switch off the immigration rhetoric and think it will work. In the context of the immigration issue, Hispanics define the enemy as the Republican Party and you don’t erase that overnight.

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    K.. so he's flipflopped on the iraq war, immigration, the environment, giving speeches around the world, giving speeches at home.. the only thing this tool hasn't changed his position on is being anti-abortion
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    McCain throws Hispanic voters under the bus to court the racist, right-wing conservative vote? I never would've seen that coming from the bullshitter...I mean, straight shooter express.

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