Jones Soda wants you to have a drink with your favorite candidate. OK, a drink with you favorite candidate on it. They've launched a flavor in favor of the political season called Campaign Cola 2008. With flavors like "Pure McCain Cola, "Yes We Can" Cola, and still hanging on with "Capitol Hillary" and "Ron Paul Revolution" Cola, every bottle purchased racks up a vote for the candidate besides being a pretty refreshing campaign momento.

A six-pack will run you $15 and while you're at their website you can pick up info on each candidate courtesy of Oh, and for those counting at home, Obama is currently ahead in this Cola War.
Think no one's mug would be as good as yours on a bottle? You can customize you own label with your own picture it's a limited edition flavor called Ameri-Cola. For $30 you can personalize a 12-pack with a photo and message on the back. Cheers to that great (possibly gift?) idea! Which candidates' bubbly would you imbibe?

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