Here at AMERICAblog, we've written many times about how John McCain scams the campaign finance system. He basically broke the campaign finance law during the primaries -- and was warned about that manipulation of the system by the Republican Chair of the Federal Elections Commission. But, the punditry thinks of John McCain as a campaign finance champion -- so, basically they never question McCain's shenanigans.

Jed has uncovered the latest scam:

Here's a story you can say you read first at The Jed Report: according to FEC reports filed on July 15, through June 30, John McCain had raised at $62.5 million in private funds that can be used for his general election campaign -- even though he's already committed to accepting public funding for the general.

Moreover, based on my own analysis, of that $62.5 million, three-quarters -- $46.3 million -- comes from a total of 1,803 wealthy individuals who made five figure contributions averaging $25,664 each.

So not only is John McCain blatantly violating his public financing pledge, but he's doing it in grand style, raising money in increments of up to $70,000 per donor -- more than thirty times the amount a donor can give to Barack Obama's general election campaign.

Granted, this is a bit complicated. But, Jed figured it out. Most reporters won't take the time do to the research. Plus, this conflicts with their storyline about John McCain.

It's good to be John McCain. He can blatantly and repeatedly abuse the campaign finance system -- without any risk of being busted.

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The guy is gettingmore of a free pass than Obama.. the press LOVES to sit on his "straight talk express", get him donuts.. it's sycophantic and ridiculous