Iowa state officials had to divert resources from flood relief efforts to accommodate the political photo ops for McBush. Obama honored the request from Iowa's authorities not to show up. Bush and McCain put their political interests first:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama canceled a scheduled visit to eastern Iowa last week at the request of state officials.

"As a courtesy - and as we did for Senator Obama - we privately made an effort to make sure that Senator McCain knew that state and local resources were still being deployed to support the flood fight and that now may not be the best time for a campaign trip," Dillon said in a statement.

Dillon's comments came as he and President Bush toured the state, and hundreds of law enforcement officers were diverted from flood recovery to provide security for him.

Of course, Bush and McCain are still dealing with the ramifications of their Katrina photo-op. This photo was taken on Monday, August 29, 2005 while New Orleans was being destroyed:

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