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Thread: Way to show that Democratic Party unity!!

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    Default Way to show that Democratic Party unity!!

    DETROIT -- Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm received a deafening chorus of boos Monday night at her mention of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the candidate Granholm once backed for the Democratic presidential nomination.

    The jeering from thousands of Obama supporters at Joe Louis Arena came after Granholm acknowledged her support of Clinton, and they seemed to take her aback. "Come on now," the governor pleaded before finally continuing, "I'm proud to say I'm standing with her and all of you" in supporting Obama.

    A few moments later the same fired-up crowd booed former vice president Al Gore when he urged Democrats to be respectful of the likely Republican nominee, Sen. John McCain. "In that case I'm glad I brought it up," Gore dryly responded.

    Only Gore's reminder to the crowd that Obama had urged civility during the election seemed to calm the passions, prompting a round of applause.

    When Obama took the stage, he reprimanded the audience for booing Granholm over Clinton, then went on an extended detour to praise his former rival.

    "I want everybody here to be absolutely clear," Obama said. "Senator Clinton is one of the finest public servants we have in American life today. ...She is worthy of our respect. She is worthy of our honor. She is going to be at the forefront of bringing about change."

    He dismissed the speculation that Clinton backers would not support him, that his supporters would not welcome Clinton's, and said: "Let me tell you something. We're all Democrats."

    An Obama Crowd in Detroit Comes Ready to Boo | The Trail |

    Stay classy Dems...glad to see that party unity on display
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    I'd rather a difference of opinion from the members than the lockstep, brainless automaton shuffling from Republicans at theirs.
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    Classy group.

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    Obama and Gore were very respectful. Good to see them correct the crowd.

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    very mature

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    too bad we won't see that same class from the Republicans

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    How is this bad?
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