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Thread: 73,846 US troops dead in Iraq

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    I'm glad the numbers are not that high.

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    maybe if they were people wouldnt be such retards about the situation
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sojiita View Post
    Well that explains it then..right wing trickery!! I swear there is nothing that the psycho nutjobs on the right will not do! Fucking nutjobs.
    It's very telling that a right-winger would start this kind of news bit to trick people. Troop and civillian casualties are something that should never be joked about; then again these are the same kinds of people that put more protection into a fetus than a child born into this world so I guess it's a moot point to expect compassion from these bastards.

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    I knew that figure had to be wrong. Over 73,000 dead seemed to be too high. But, no matter what the number, it's still troops who signed up to serve their country, and instead are losing their lives just so Bush and his oil buddies can get richer.

    And the fact that Bush had the balls to expect the injured troops to give back their sign-up bonus makes it even worse.

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