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Thread: Bushism, the idiotic prose of George W. Bush

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    Default Bushism, the idiotic prose of George W. Bush

    Since there have been so many threads dedicated to the misquotes of Barack Obama, I thought I would share some of the intelligent ramblings of our current leader...

    Dubya Quotes
    The following are actual words that have came out of George Dubya Bushs mouth.

    "I don't know whether I'm going to win or not. I think I am. I do know I'm ready for the job. And if not, that's the way it goes."-Des Moines, Iowa, August 21, 2000

    "I understand small business growth. I was one."-New York Daily News, February 19, 2000

    "I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully."-Saginaw, Michigan, September 29, 2000

    "They misunderestimate me."-Bentonville, Arkansas, November 6, 2000

    "They have miscalculated me as a leader."-Westminster, California, September 13, 2000

    " I think if you know what you believe, it makes it a lot easier to answer questions. I can't answer your question."- Reynoldsburg, Ohio, October 4, 2000

    "Our priorities is our faith."- Greensboro, North Carolina, October 10, 2000

    "I know how hard it is for you to put food on your family."- Nashua, New Hampshire, January 27, 2000

    "Rarley is the question asked: Is our children learning?"- Florence, South Carolina, January 11, 2000

    "It's clearly a budget.It's got alot of numbers in it."-Reuters, May 5, 2000 (my personal favorite)

    "Will the highways on the internet become more few?"- Concord, New Hampshire, January 29, 2000

    It's important for us to explain to our nation that life is important. It's not only life of babies, but it's life of children living in, you know the dark dungeons of the internet."- Arlington Heights, Illinois, October 24, 2000

    Governor Bush: I talked to my little brother, Jeb -- I haven't told this to many people. But he's the governor of -- I shouldn't call him my little brother -- my brother, Jeb, the great governor of Texas.
    Jim Lehrer: Florida.
    Governor Bush: Florida. The state of Florida.
    -The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, April 27, 2000 (Another favorite)

    "The legislatures's job is to write the law. It's the executive branch's job to interpret law."-Austin, Texas, Nov 22, 2000

    "...I hope the ambitious realize that they are more likely to succeed with success as opposed to failure."-Interview with the Associated Press, Jan. 18, 2001

    "Nobody can threaten this country. Oh, they may be able to bomb a buildings. . ."-Speech to joint session of Congress, Washington, D.C., Sept. 20, 2001

    "I'm so honored that people came down form Tallahassee to say hello to Jeb's little -- big brother."-(he means himself), Daytona Beach, Florida, Jan. 30, 2002

    "But there needs to be a focused, coalition effort in the region against peace -- I mean, against terror for peace."-Crawford, Texas, Mar 30, 2002

    "When Europe and America are divided, history tends to tragedy."-Warsaw, Poland, June 15, 2001

    We're beginning to shut down financial institutions around the world."-Hopefully not meaning to say he's singlehandedly shutting down the world financial system, White House Ceremony marking end of Ramadan, Dec. 17, 2001

    "We don't take a bunch of polls and focus groups to tell us what -- to how to, to how to -- to what we ought to do in the world."-White House, Mar. 21, 2002

    "Let me see if I can put this into English, or Texan."-O'Fallon Missouri, Mar. 18, 2002

    Other sites with Dubya quotes
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    But at least he's against abortion and gays marrying. That's what's important.
    "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."

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    don't forget that despite 9/11 happening on his watch cuz his admin ignored the warnings, he's kept us safe for 6 years.. somehow.
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    Well that's because we're fighting it "over there" rather than "over here".
    "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."

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    you already know.


    burn in hell motherfucker, burn in hell!!!

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