Confirming once again that Bush and McCain are inextricably linked, it's Bush who will be raising the bulk of money for McCain's campaign effort. McCain can't raise it for his own campaign, so he has Bush raising dough for the RNC:

To confront the Obama juggernaut, Senator John McCain, whose fund-raising has badly trailed that of his Democratic counterparts' and whose efforts suffered a blow this weekend when a key fund-raiser Tom Loeffler resigned because of a new campaign policy on conflicts of interest, is leaning on the Republican National Committee.

Mr. McCain is likely to depend upon the party, which finished April with an impressive $40 million in the bank and has significantly higher contribution limits, to an unprecedented degree to power his campaign, Republican officials said.

To that end, Republican officials said they were enlisting President Bush, a formidable fund-raiser who has raised more than $36 million this year for Republican candidates and committees, for three events on Mr. McCain's behalf. They will appear together at a fund-raiser in Phoenix on May 27, and the next day the president will take part in a luncheon with Mitt Romney in Salt Lake City and then an exclusive dinner at Mr. Romney's vacation home in Park City, Utah.

This is another reason why Obama should never ever enter into any campaign finance agreement with McCain. The Arizona Senator already scammed the campaign finance system during the primaries. Now, he's using Bush as his ATM.

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