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Thread: Hillary Clinton lies some more, what else is new..

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    Red face Hillary Clinton lies some more, what else is new..

    It's the mathematical equivalent of sniper fire. Hillary's campaign is today alleging that they overtook Obama in the popular vote last night! Of course, it isn't true, but hey, I guess it depends on what the definition of truth is. Even though Hillary is still half a million votes behind Obama, including primaries and caucuses, her campaign is of course now adding in the votes from Florida and Michigan - which were disqualified by the DNC. So, yes, if you add imaginary votes to the count then Hillary does take the lead in imaginary-land (hey, I'm more than happy to make her our party's imaginary nominee). What was David Geffen's now infamous line about the Clintons that got him into so much trouble with Hillary?

    "Everybody in politics lies, but they do it with such ease, itís troubling."

    As an aside, anybody else notice how quickly Hillary is willing to chuck Iowa and New Hampshire overboard? The reason Florida and Michigan got into trouble is because they moved their primaries and caucuses too far up, threatening Iowa's and New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation status. Hillary was all for Iowa and NH having that status when she wanted their votes. Now, not so much. Oh, that's the truth thing again. Sorry, I forgot. (Oh, and they also lied here, claiming that ABC validated their wacky math - ABC didn't, and called them on it.)

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    the whole snipers in bosnia or wherever it was was hilarious

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    I wish Hillary would stop with this Florida and Michigan bullshit. She agreed, along with Edwards and Obama, that those two states had violated Dem party rules so they were therefore disqualified from seating their delegates. They all agreed not to campaign in those states.

    Obama was not even on the ballot in Michigan! She agreed to one thing and even signed a pledge, but now that it doesn't suit her she's demanding the opposite. I'm sick of her.

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