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Thread: Screenwriter Nora Ephron calls Hillary Clinton a liar

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    Default Screenwriter Nora Ephron calls Hillary Clinton a liar

    Hooked on Hillary

    Posted March 30, 2008 | 02:57 PM (EST)

    Nora Ephron

    I would like to put myself among the growing chorus of people demanding that Hillary Clinton withdraw from the election. I don't really think it's fair to ask her to withdraw, and I certainly don't believe she's going to; she'll hang in there till the last dog dies, or till she runs out of money, whichever comes first. I'm not asking her to withdraw because I prefer Obama, and I don't think she should withdraw "for the sake of party unity," or whatever current bromide is being flung at her to get her to pull out. I think she should withdraw because I'm losing my mind.
    Don't get me wrong, this primary election has been swell. Like Michelle Obama, I feel proud of my country for the first time in a long time. I loved Dennis Kucinich, and I had a big sneaker for Chris Dodd. But now that we're down to two contenders, it's turned into an unending last episode of Survivor. They're eating rats and they're frying bugs, and they're frying rats and they're eating bugs; no one is ever going to get off the island and I can't take it any more.

    I am particularly sensitive to this because I'm a woman of a certain age, and this means that part of the pie that passes for my brain contains a large slice called Hillary. I've been thinking about her in a fairly pathological way ever since 1992 and dreaming about her as well. She is me, and then again she's not. I used to love her and I no longer do, but unlike what usually happens when love dies, I still think about her far too much. When she tells a big lie, like her recent Bosnia episode, I can lose hours trying to figure out why. I mean, why? Was it one of those things that she'd said so often that she'd come to believe it? Was it a story that had worked in the past so she thought she'd gotten away with it? Did she honestly think that no one would rat her out? Does she not understand that if you're famous, there's almost nothing you do that someone doesn't have a picture of? I have no idea what the answer is to any of this because I'm not a liar and she is. (By the way, I don't think she was always a liar, the way some kids are born liars and never get over it. I think she was once a truthful person and her lying skills were forged in the early years of her marriage, forged in the crucible of Bill's infidelities and in her role as point person in dealing with them. This is what happens when you marry a narcissist: he spills the milk, you clean it up and your love grows. And then you end up a liar, just like him.)
    But the point is that it doesn't matter why Hillary lied; what matters is that I'm hooked on Hillary and on the Rorschach process that defines my relationship with her: she does something, I spend far too much time thinking about it, I superimpose my life and my choices onto hers, I decide how I feel about what she's done, I bore friends witless with my theories, and then, instead of moving on, I'm confronted with yet another episode of her behavior and am forced to devote more hours to developing new theories about her behavior. I don't have time for this.
    I understand that asking Hillary to withdraw from the race has more to do with me than it does with her, but that's my point. Nora Ephron: Hooked on Hillary - Politics on The Huffington Post

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    Boy, talk about a misleading thread title. The writer says a whole lot more than that. I think her theory about Hillary's behavior is a good one, but it's all speculation. Clearly, she needed to say she was wrong and move on. Politics/power does strange things to people's heads.

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    I agree with a lot of what she said, but to try and blame Bill for Hillary being a liar is a stretch. That's like blaming Hillary for Bill screwing around. Both are adults and responsible for their own actions.

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    But this is typical behavior for Chiliary. She's been a lying liar for years so I don't think it can necessarily be blamed on her ancient years or on the fact that she doesn't a clue about how to keep her man from screwing anything with a hole in it. She's sold her soul in order to be the first les pres when she should have been supporting her husband in such a way as to further his plans. If she'd been supporting him right and loving him right he would never had strayed and things would be better for bothof them.Instead she sets the womens movement (which is a stupid farce in itself) back about a million years. As fanatical and self historical as Osama bin Laden with no relationship with the truth. How many more lies do we have to catch her in before the brainwashed masses of ladies of a 'certain age' (code for wrinkled old crones) see what a washed up old loser she is?

    Put her on a political ice floe and ship her ass out to the antarctic sea, just get her off the ballot, ridicilous suits and fake blonde that women that old should never try semi mullet and all.

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    What did Hillary lie about? That's the first I hear of it. Did she say that there were bullets zipping past her when her helicopter landed in Bosnia, or something like that?

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    Bill had a history of screwing anything that moved before he even got with Hillary.. there's no way to "keep your man" if he's a fricking horndog.
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