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Thread: Barack Obama will likely win Texas delegate count..

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    Default Barack Obama will likely win Texas delegate count..

    Obama captures second round of Texas caucuses
    By Russ Britt, MarketWatch
    Last update: 2:02 p.m. EDT March 31, 2008

    LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) -- Hillary Clinton may have won the popular vote in Texas earlier this month, but it appears Barack Obama will end up with more delegates from the Lone Star State based on preliminary results from another round of weekend caucuses there.

    Obama was comfortably ahead of Clinton, various news reports said, enabling him to hang on to a slim lead in Texas' complex delegate-selection process. The second round of caucuses came several weeks after the primary balloting and initial round of caucuses that were held on March 4.

    The entire process concludes in June when the state Democratic Party meets to select delegates for the national convention to be held in Denver later this year. Obama, the junior senator from Illinois, and Clinton, the senator from New York, are locked in a tight battle for the nomination.

    The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Monday that Obama is likely to end up with 36 to 38 of the 67 total delegates up for grabs from the caucus process. Clinton is expected to finish with 29 to 31 delegates.

    Clinton won the March 4 popular vote by a 51% to 47% margin, giving her 65 delegates from that process to Obama's 61. That means Obama could end up with 97 to 99 delegates, while Clinton would have 94 to 96.

    Roughly 1 million people attended the March 4 caucuses, while another 100,000 showed up for another round of caucuses held over the weekend, the Star-Telegram reported.

    Obama's double-digit lead
    Elsewhere, a new Gallup poll released over the weekend shows Obama now has a double-digit lead over Clinton among Democrats nationwide.

    Obama leads Clinton by a 52% to 42% margin, the Gallup survey said, his first double-digit lead of the race. It was not, however, the first double-digit lead of the race, as Clinton held an 11-point lead over Obama in early February, Gallup reported.

    Gallup's results are based on interviews with 1,228 voters conducted Thursday through Saturday. The poll also showed that presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain of Arizona still holds a three-point lead over Obama and a four-point lead over Clinton. That was based on 4,407 interviews.
    Obama captures second round of Texas caucuses - MarketWatch

    A detailed breakdown of the results can be found here: Burnt Orange Report::: TX Primacaucus Results: Obama Leads Clinton by 3 Pledged Delegates

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    Sen. Barack Obama has won the overall delegate race in Texas thanks to a strong showing in Democratic county conventions this past weekend.

    Obama picked up seven of nine outstanding delegates, giving him a total of 99 Texas delegates to the party's national convention this summer. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton won the other two, giving her a total of 94 Texas delegates, according to an analysis of returns by The Associated Press.

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    No surprise there.
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    Sad, but true.

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