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Thread: Al Gore: Democrat race will resolve itself

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    Default Al Gore: Democrat race will resolve itself

    MURFREESBORO - Former Vice President Al Gore said Thursday that he expects the Democratic nomination fight will "resolve itself" before the party's convention in late August.

    Gore told The Associated Press that he sees no urgency in endorsing a presidential candidate.
    "What have we got, five months left?" he said in a brief interview after a speech at Middle Tennessee State University.

    When pressed that several prominent Democrats, including Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen, have expressed hope for an earlier decision on the nomination, Gore said: "I think it's going to resolve itself. But we'll see."

    Gore didn't elaborate on how he expects the nomination to be decided before the convention in Denver.

    Neither Obama nor Clinton is on track to win enough delegates in primaries and caucuses to clinch the nomination, so superdelegates like Gore could decide the winner.

    Bredesen, another undecided Tennessee superdelegate, is proposing the nearly 800 superdelegates cast ballots in a two-day primary in June after the last voter primary, to avoid a prolonged nomination fight. Bredesen is concerned the fallout from such a battle could hurt the Democratic Party's chances in the general election.
    Bredesen said that he spoke with Gore about the superdelegate primary idea after he first proposed it in a New York Times opinion piece last week. Bredesen said Gore called it an interesting idea but didn't plan to get involved.

    Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean has stated that he does not endorse the idea of a superdelegate primary, but Bredesen said there has been a better reception with Democrats outside the Washington Beltway.

    Bredesen has made his case in several cable news appearances this week and may have another chance to gather support among his colleagues when he travels to a Democratic Governors Association meeting in Montana over the weekend.

    "However this is resolved, it has got to have a sense of fairness to it," Bredesen said.

    Gore: Dem Race Will "Resolve Itself," No Urgency To Intervene - Politics on The Huffington Post

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    I wish Al Gore would just shut his trap. The only reason why there's possibly Global Warming is from all the guthouse gasses he emits, himself.

    God, I can't stand him.

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