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Thread: Hillary Clinton belongs to a cult trying to bring back zombie jesus

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    Red face Hillary Clinton belongs to a cult trying to bring back zombie jesus

    Hillary Clinton's decision to criticize Barack Obama's decision to stay with his controversial pastor may open her up to attack from some quarters because of her own religion-related linkages. I was reminded of a Mother Jones piece that ran last year and, with the wonders of the Internet, here's a nugget:

    For 15 years, Hillary Clinton has been part of a secretive religious group that seeks to bring Jesus back to Capitol Hill. Is she triangulating--or living her faith?...

    The Fellowship's long-term goal is "a leadership led by God--leaders of all levels of society who direct projects as they are led by the spirit." According to the Fellowship's archives, the spirit has in the past led its members in Congress to increase U.S. support for the Duvalier regime in Haiti and the Park dictatorship in South Korea. The Fellowship's God-led men have also included General Suharto of Indonesia; Honduran general and death squad organizer Gustavo Alvarez Martinez; a Deutsche Bank official disgraced by financial ties to Hitler; and dictator Siad Barre of Somalia, plus a list of other generals and dictators. Click to read the entire story: Hillary's Prayer: Hillary Clinton's Religion and Politics

    Some of the Dem's relatively secular base gets itchy with all the God-talk, and too much focus on religion from either Obama or Clinton might turn 'em off a bit.

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    Ok then....It looks like we're heading into looney tune territory.
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    When I first read the thread title, my mind left off the word "jesus," and I thought, "They want to resurrect zombies? Cool!" Let me go get my flak jacket and shotgun. The zombie apocalypse is coming!

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