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Thread: Hard financial facts turning against Hillary Clinton

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    Default Hard financial facts turning against Hillary Clinton

    Of all the candidates, Democratic or Republican, Mr. Obama, of Illinois, is in the strongest financial shape. Of the $38.8 million in cash on hand, a total of $31.5 million is earmarked for the primary race, with only $7.3 million set aside for the general campaign. This primary war chest is more than Mrs. Clinton’s and Mr. McCain’s combined.

    On top of that, Mr. Obama’s campaign is almost debt-free. He ended the month owing only $625,059. Over all, Mr. Obama has raised $190 million since he began his campaign, and spent $158 million — the most of any candidate.

    Mrs. Clinton, of New York, spent less in February — $31.8 million, or $1 million a day — in the weeks leading up to her March 4 victories in Texas and Ohio, than Mr. Obama — who spent $43 million, or nearly $1.5 million a day.

    Still, at the end of February, Mrs. Clinton owed $8.7 million to campaign vendors. The month earlier, she had lent her campaign $5 million. While she has $33.2 million in cash on hand, only $11.7 million can be used for her primary effort, with the rest set aside, by federal regulations, for the general election.

    Once the outstanding campaign debt of $8.7 million is factored in, Mrs. Clinton has only $3 million in free cash for the battles ahead — one-tenth of the $31 million the Obama campaign has in primary cash.

    This debt puts additional pressure on Mrs. Clinton: If she wins her party’s nomination, this $8.7 million can be paid off with money raised for her general campaign. If not, she will either have to raise more money to pay off the bills for her primary effort or pay for it out of her own pocket.

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    Wow - with all Obama has spent you would think he would be much further ahead.

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