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Thread: Political candidate legally changes name to 'Pro-Life'

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    Default Political candidate legally changes name to 'Pro-Life'

    As disgraced U.S. Senator Larry Craig heads towards retirement, a man seeking his seat has taken an unusual step in his strategy:
    He has changed his legal name to a political stance.
    A 66-year-old Idaho strawberry farmer, formerly known after a previous name change as Marvin Pro-Life Richardson, is now, simply, "Pro-Life."
    "I think it's just and I think it's proper to have Pro-Life on the ballot," Pro-Life told the Idaho Press-Tribune. "If I save one baby's life, it's worth it."
    Pro-Life made the change after an unsuccessful run for governor under the Constitution Party in 2006, hoping this time to skirt the state policy that prevented him from using what was then his middle name as his name on the ballot, as the state considered it not a name, but a slogan.
    Officials must now recognize Pro-Life's legal name.
    According to CBS News, Pro-Life will from now on run as an independent for the highest state office in each election every two years on a platform of advocating murder charges for abortion doctors and the women who seek their services.
    Senator Craig, a supporter of numerous anti-gay laws on state and federal levels, has maintained that he has "never been gay," and continues to appeal a guilty plea stemming from a June 2007 incident in a men's restroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, which he signed in August of 2007. Craig originally aired plans to resign after the discovery of his guilty plea, but will instead retire after his current Senate term expires.
    "Politics in Idaho are extremely conservative," PageOneQ editor Mike Rogers told this reporter. Rogers is the blogger who first reported on Craig's extramarital sexual encounters with men in October of 2006. "After the Craig story came out I thought there would be an effort by politicians to run to the right. Idaho is one the of few states in which a majority of residents still support Bush.
    "You know, 28% of Idahoans still think Larry Craig is being completely honest in the situation," Rogers adds. "Enough said."

    PageOneQ | Political candidate legally changes name to 'Pro-Life'

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    What the fuck?
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    i am extremely creeped out by any man that's this obsessed with controlling women's bodies.
    i seriously hope this asshole douche doesn't have any daughters. he'd probably have them fitted for their first chastity belts while they were still in diapers and regularly calls them dirty whores.
    he looks evil, ignorant and demented.
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