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Thread: Barack Obama smacks John McCain for being a Bush enabling tard

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    Thumbs up Barack Obama smacks John McCain for being a Bush enabling tard

    McCain enabled Bush's failed strategy in Iraq. McCain enabled Bush's failed strategy against Al Qaeda. The Bush failure is the McCain failure and Obama is going to remind the American people of that at every single opportunity.

    The latest smackdown of McCain from Obama via Ben Smith:

    "John McCain may like to say he wants to follow Osama bin Laden to the gates of Hell, but so far all heís done is follow George Bush into a misguided war in Iraq," he said.

    Obama was responding, incredulously, to McCain's suggestion that he's unaware of the presence of Al Qaeda in Iraq, which the Arizona Senator said earlier today was apparently "news" to Obama at last night's debate.

    "McCain thought that he could make a clever point by saying, 'Well let me give you some news, Barack, Al Qaeda is in Iraq,' like I wasnít reading the papers, like didnít know what was going on." Obama said, leaning into his developing McCain impression.

    He then described the context -- a hypothetical question from Tim Russert -- and said, "First of all, I do know Al Qaeda is in Iraq, and thatís why I said we should continue to strike Al Qaeda targets."

    "I have some news for John McCain," Obama continued, "Thatís there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq until George Bush and John McCain" began the Iraq war, he said.

    "They took their eye off the people who really were responsible for 9/11," he said.

    Thanks to Bush and McCain, Al Qaeda isn't vanquished, they're stronger.

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    At lunch today, when I was watching Bobby Cutts get sentenced, the scroll at the bottom of Fox News was "McCain says Al-Qaeda is in Iraq." I thought, seriously, THAT's McCain's quote to get elected?!?!? Don't mention how to try and fix the collosal fuck up that is the Iraq War, but announce Al-Qaeda's in Iraq just like Bush did years ago, and we knew Bush was full of shit then. NEWSFLASH McCain: Al-Qaeda's also in Pakistan, Afganistan, and all over the Middle East.

    But then, to act like Obama, or no one else pays attention to the news, is stupid. Yet, most of the people who will vote for McCain probably don't pay enough attention, anyway. Definately not enough attention to ask any questions.
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