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Thread: Hillary Clinton misses FISA admendment vote!

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    Default Hillary Clinton misses FISA admendment vote!

    Clinton was not present to vote on the critial amendment (Dodd Amendment S. 3907), which would have removed the amnesty provisions from the final FISA bill (S. 2248 FISA Amendments Act of 2007). Barack Obama was present and voted in favor of the Dodd Amendment.
    The Dodd Amendment failed on a 67 to 31 vote and one could argue after the fact that it would not have mattered if either were present. However, before voting began on all the FISA related amendments, there was no guaranteed way of knowing how the voting would turn out.
    Reasonable guessing would have likely indicated a potential loss on S. 2248, but until after several amendments failed prior to S. 2248, one could not have made an educated guess on the final outcome. If (that's a big if) the votes had been close leading up to S. 2248, Clinton's vote may have been critical. But that is moot. She had already planned to miss the voting regardless of what the potential outcome may have been.
    Even John McCain participated in voting on the amendments yesterday, which was about the only time he has voted in approximately one year.
    For what it's worth, I think it makes both of them look bad to the base to miss part or all of the votes on such a critical issue.
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    He didn't vote on S.2248 according to

    Key Vote
    FISA Amendments Act of 2007

    Bill Number: S 2248
    Issues: Business and Consumers, Civil Liberties and Civil Rights, Legal Issues, National Security Issues, Technology and Communication
    Date: 02/12/2008
    Sponsor: Sen. Rockefeller, John IV (D-WV)

    Record Vote Number 20
    Bill Passed (Senate)
    How members voted
    (68 - 29)

    Senator Barack Obama did not vote

    Now as he was there that day to vote on S.3907 an ammendment to S.2248, why didn't he vote on S.2248?

    S.2248 passed
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