Oh gee, yet more discredited nonsense from Iraqi informants.. gee whiz, big shock there.. rose petals anybody?

NEW YORK -- The informant who sparked last week's New York City subway threat alert has admitted it was a hoax, CNN reported Tuesday.

The network reported that the informant admitted providing false information.

The informant had claimed that al-Qaida operatives in Iraq were plotting to attack the city's subways using baby strollers packed with remote-controlled explosives. The reported threat said the attacks could occur as early as last Friday.

Authorities said earlier the interrogation of three suspects arrested by U.S. forces in Iraq has so far produced no information to corroborate a possible threat.

New York City's heightened subway security will slowly scale back to what it was before officials announced the supposed subway bombing threat last week.

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly stressed that police will continue random bag searches in the subways that began in response to the bombings on the London transit system.