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Vote for your current fave. You can vote for both Democrat and Republican, or write in your choice. This ends in about 7 weeks. You can vote as often as you like.

Welcome to the AM 620 KPOJ Presidential Straw Poll !

Here’s how it works:

·There will be 8 rounds of voting! Each round last one week beginning Monday, October 1st!
·After each round of voting is complete, the candidates from each party with the lowest vote total are eliminated and a new round begins! Voting begins and ends each Monday at 8am!
·Write-in candidates will be accepted through the end of Round 4. Top 4 Write-In candidates join the Top 4 Republican and Democratic candidates for future rounds of voting and elimination
·The Republican, Democratic and Write-In candidates with the most votes after Round 7 will face off in the Finals – Round 8 – November 19-26! The candidate with the most votes will be declared the winner of the KEX Presidential Straw Poll!
·The KPOJ Presidential Straw Poll is unscientific, unofficial and designed for entertainment purposes. Vote as often as you’d like for any candidate and HAVE FUN!

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